7 ideas to personalise your sneakers

Customise your shoes for a unique look! Here are a few ideas on how to bring those white sneakers that used to hide in your closet back into fashion.

Personalised sneakers, for that exclusive touchand distinctive and unique style that defines you. Shoes are a fundamental part of a cool and comfortable look. But it can be very difficult to combine them with the other accessories.  So get to work and use the holidays to bring those tennis shoes back to life that were sleeping in the back of the closet.

Here are our ideas for unique sneakers

  • Badges are usually used for clothing, but why not use them for shoes? An original way to stand out! Attach them to the laces and you will have a new way to express yourself. Customise the badges for a unique design, use the possibilities of a badge machine to produce badges in various sizes for you and your friends!
  • The laces are simple accessories. Sometimes we don’t need a big investment to create an item that matches our look. Just by changing the laces of the shoes, we can give them a new look. In red or blue, they are perfect to give white shoes an elegant style.
  • The micro studs will give you a rock style. You can easily apply them to any garment. For shoes you need to have studs that can be easily fixed. You can use them to make shapes or place them at random, let your imagination run wild.
  • Rhinestones always bring out the best in any shoe. Applying a little glitter may be what is neededto make a white shoe stand out. Sequins can be applied directly on the fabric or leather, on the sections you want to highlight. You can also consider an all-over application the sneakers, only for the most daring which will make the shoes sparkle at every step.
  • Make pom-poms, it’s also ultra trendy. Many clothes have little pompoms incorporated, they can be placed directly on the shoes to give them a very bohemian look. You can combine them with bells that bring a musical touch to every step.
  • Write a word you like on the soles. This part of the shoe usually has an ideal thickness for writing on it. You can put a few words or a phrase you like, or two phrases that you combine on each shoe. An original way to personalise your sneakers in a quick and easy way.
  • Painting is a classic that still works. All you have to do is get a pattern or a design that you like. Apply it to the item to get the look you want. With a bit of fabric paint, you will be able to completely change the design of a white sneaker.

Dare to wear different sneakers, no-one else will have the same, they will be your creation that you can show every day. Free your imagination soar in search of the perfect shoes. With a little imagination, it’s sure, you rock that look baby!