7 tips for creating amazing company badges

Having a unique symbol to represent your brand makes your company stand out. A company badge is a small item that gives a bold statement on the company or organization. It can focus on the company’s primary purpose and target audience. Below are some tips for creating amazing company badges.

The right typography and message

7 Tips For Creating Amazing Company Badges

The use of typography is crucial and should be chosen wisely. When you choose text, avoid flashing effects and titles such as “the best” or “the fastest”.

Your company badge should always communicate your unique brand or purpose. Don’t forget the aesthetic aspects: your logo should work on its own, and in tandem with your company colours.

Printed on high-quality

In order to choose the best paper to print the designs to be used on the badges, and to obtain the best results, the type of printer and the type of machine used to make the badges must be taken into account. Most of the problems that people attribute to the type of paper are often printer problems, or problems with the colour profile used. Sometimes the prints of the badge come out very dark, or very light.  It is quite possible that you are using the right type of paper and that the solution to the problem is simply to set the colour profile correctly, which we will talk about later.

Badges can be personalised to the recipient.

A personalised gift is the best way to show you care. At Ebadges, we believe that your corporate badges are more effective when they are personalised to the recipient. All of your products could have the recipient’s initials on them to show them that they are valued and that this is a truly special gift. Here is a link to a page explaining how to mass personalise a corporate badge.

Corporate badges should not look like promotional items.

It’s time to rethink how you present company branding.  Recipients shouldn’t feel as if they work for the company that gave them the badge. The approach is that a great company badge compliments your brand well, but also makes the recipient feel special. Instead of making your logo the central piece on every gift, or badge, use a simple message to convey the desired sentiment. Remember, when you make it all about the brand, the recipient feels it is less valuable and like you are using a badge solely for a marketing opportunity.

Corporate badges should reflect the values of your company

A gift to a customer says something about your company, so take care to make sure it reflects you well. Ask yourself if the badge is representative of your company’s ethics and values? At eBadges, we make sure that all our items are ethically sourced and reflects our values.

Don’t neglect presentation

When you’re in a restaurant and you see a beautiful dish on the table, there’s an instant feeling of excitement. You might not have tasted or smelled it yet, but you can already tell that it’s going to be amazing.

Presentation can make or break a corporate badge. It’s vital to the recipient receiving the corporate badge. Consider adding a personal note and a great gift wrap. Keep the message short.

Take into account budget requirements

Corporate gifting can be a costly affair. The right budget will help you plan the most appropriate gifts and not overspend. To avoid this, create a corporate gift budget based on your company’s financial position and keep it within the set range. You want to choose corporate gifts that are in line with your budget. To save money, you may look to create a company badge in house.

In these difficult post covid times, companies might look to create corporate badges on a budget. Making them in house can turn out very interesting regarding cost. Ebadges offers the Corporate Event pack that includes everything you need, a badge machine and components to make corporate badges.