Badge makers: a great investment for schools!

A Great Investment For Schools

Teachers, badge makers  are useful for more than just making badges. They can also be used to make keyrings, fridge magnets , and for many other things such as fund raising or to motivate children

We’ll explain in this article why you should use them in your school.

Badge making workshops help children

Badge making workshops can be educational and fun, but there are many factors to consider when  planning one:

-The age group that will be attending the event

-What the badges will be used for

Children love these badge-making workshops where they can design their own personalized badges. It is interesting to develop aspects such as the way the badges are designed. A great way for children to feel important is to design their own badge and wear it proudly. In addition, kids love to take home a souvenir of the activity, to show their parents and grandparents.

When kids participate in activities, they are able to  get to know  their classmates better, share the experiences they have had, and enjoy the skills they have learned.

It is a good idea to have a badge-making machine available (LINK), as it will always be a great activity for children  and you can organise many different activities ¡ with  the machine, like making magnets, keyrings… There are many ways to get the most out of your machine!

What if the gift was actually the experience at the end of the workshop? For example, each child  does a drawing. Then, at the end of the workshop, the children would receive their individual badge with their artwork on it. They’d really enjoy this because they are able to take home their own creation and show it off to others.

Badges can help children develop many skills

. Creativity is the most important step in making a badge. Children can draw or colour on paper to create a design for a badge.

. Memory: one of the most difficult tasks is to remember how to make each creation. If you forget, you’ll need to learn the process again, which can be time-consuming.

. This type of activity encourages cooperative effort, the sharing of tools, and distributing tasks to create a product. The workshops can involve 10 people or more per machine. It takes less than a minute to make a badge and there would be no difficulty in sharing the same machine.

The process

The process is very simple. Print out several sheets of paper with circles the  right size for the badge and distribute them among all the participants. Coloured pencils or felt-tip pens are used to draw and colour the design. Using  our circular cutter, you can cut out these circles and start making the badges.

Fundraising with badges

A badge can be attractive and fun with a good package, plus it’s affordable. This can be a perfect source of income for any school or group, to fund a school trip for instance. Buyers can pin the badge to their clothes or use a magnet to keep notes on their fridge door.

Personalized identification badges

It would be great  if you could make personalized identification badges with the name for everyone in a class or in your group. They’re so easy to produce, especially when you  have your own badge machine.

There are then many different ways you can use badge machines at school: to make kids feel empowered, to raise funds, to print identification badges… The decision is up to you! We showed in this article  some of the many uses for badges, but there are certainly more!