Best promotional products for food delivery

The food industry has seen a number of rapid changes in its history. And, since the advent of online food ordering and delivery, it’s flourished and reached a level it has never attained before. More and more restaurants are opening every day and the food delivery along with the entire food industry is growing at a fast pace.

While it’s clear that Coronavirus is going to have an impact on the way we live and work for a while to come, that doesn’t mean your business has to wait patiently. Now, more than ever, it is important to have sound marketing practices for your food delivery business. We have outlined in this article some of the best strategies for you to use in your venture.

Custom bottle openers

Best Promotional Products For Food Delivery

Custom bottle openers are a wonderful way to promote your restaurant brand. People love useful promotional items that have a natural connection to the brand you are promoting. This is a great item to put in a food delivery bag.
You can make several different custom bottle openers for you. You can even put your own design, logo, photo, anything of value on the metal bottle opener.

The metal bottle opener is a high quality option and can be used in conjunction with a badge machine to make bottle openers magnet sets that attach to the fridge. We also have bottle opener keychains available. You can select your style and order custom bottle openers here.

Custom Fridge Magnets

Did you know you can customize magnets for almost any event, promotion, or cause? At Ebadges, we offer high-quality, low-cost, made in Europe magnets for your delivery service. We offer a wide selection of customizable magnets.
A magnet can come in all types of different sizes. Different styles serve different purposes. No matter what industry you’re in, having magnets to hand out to clients creates the opportunity to build brand awareness. Magnets keep your brand in customers’ minds whenever they see your logo or contact information on their refrigerator, desk drawer or locker. It’s another reminder of your brand. By using magnets, you will keep yourself fresh in customer’s minds.

Custom button badges

If you want to make sure that your customers are noticing and talking about your restaurant, then consider using custom buttons as a promotional giveaway. Every time someone sees on one of your custom buttons you’re providing free exposure and free advertising. Why not use custom designs to also make some good looking buttons that people would be happy to wear? If it looks awesome, it’s not hard to get customers to put a free button on their backpack or jacket, and get free exposure. Have a look at our marketing and promotional badge section, we have several packs that might meet your expectations.

Custom face masks

Helps staff and customers feel more comfortable by giving them a way to get rid of germs. These promotional masks are an effective way for retail brands to increase customer satisfaction and improve employee comfort levels. The extra care they show can have customers feeling reassured that their experience is being taken care of. And it’s quite easy to personalize them with a cloth magnet badge.
Individually named promotional giveaways

Reach your customers with branded giveaways, each stamped with the recipients’ names. Printed with your logo and the individual name of the recipient, these promotional items, button badges, magnets or bottle openers are a great way to reach out to your customers. With one of our badge machines, it is very easy and quick to create a personalised badge, a magnet, a key ring… with the name of your customer.

Make your way to our website and see what we have to offer in our extensive range of products. We’ll continuously be updating our site with new tips to reach your customers, we’ve got everything you might need to help your business through these difficult times.