Emerald Green and 2022 trends according to Etsy

Emerald Green And 2022 Trends According To Etsy

In the year 2021, the popular trend was Japandi, wavy design, and checker print. It’s easy to find someone who saw it coming: Etsy. With a steadily growing marketplace and a knack for spotting trends before they even happen, Etsy is undeniably the go-to source for handmade goods. Every year, experts on the Etsy platform use search data to predict what will be popular in the coming year. Last year, they predicted we’d all be doing DIY squiggly mirrors and imitating Japanese design style. So let’s get on it and use this useful information for our craft productions in 2022.

Emerald green

Etsy predicts the big colour of 2022 will be a shade of green. Emerald green. It symbolizes harmony and growth as well as royalty and refinement. Searches for emerald green items on Etsy increased by a staggering 64%, and searches for emerald green decor increased by a mighty 60%. Etsy also notes that emerald green is an excellent shade to work into existing decor schemes because it pairs well with so many other colours. Earthy neutrals, luxe metallics, and even warm cottage colours can be made more vibrant with this colour. The emerald green trend will come in tandem with a Swedish philosophy called “Lagom,” which roughly translates to “not too much, not too little” or “just the right amount.” Home decor enthusiasts predict that it will be a big trend next year.

Fairytale and fantasy Rooms

Parents are looking for make-believe and imagination in their kids’ bedrooms. This trend has been rising steadily in the past few years. Already in 2021, searches on Etsy for fairy items are up 51%. Other mythical creature and magical beast themed items are also rising 39%. In the new era, parents are looking to add more magic to kids’ bedrooms. So, what if you made personalized pocket mirrors or magnets for little princes and princesses? E-badges has everything you need.

Home and living: the power of statement lighting

Your lighting is getting a spotlight, and it’s not the traditional bulb shape. Pendant lamps will soon depart from the classic style and go in a different direction. If you add a table lamp, it won’t be drab. There’s been a 344% increase in searches on Etsy for ’70s lighting (a sign that this trend isn’t going anywhere!). You can get both a lamp and a decorative piece with the same piece of lighting.
Statement lighting is so much more than functional art. Statement lighting reflects the personality and style of the home’s inhabitants, making it a perfect addition to any room. From sculptural pendants to standout sconces, shoppers are searching on Etsy for more statement lighting in their homes.

Pop-punk revival

In 2021, pop-punk has made a huge comeback. It’s no surprise that with this genre’s popularity, the latest style revival is taking cues from it. On Etsy, searches for spiked collars are up 879%*, and there’s been surges in the search for vintage plaid items (48%), fishnet items (37%), studded belts (34%), and silver jewellery (14%). One way to make your brand stand out from the others is to use this trend when designing button badges, magnets, or personalized keyrings.

We hope these trends will be useful, giving you some helpful tips for your next production year. Today, many craftsmen use Etsy as an indispensable tool for their work. We wanted to help you make the most of this marketplace, so we put together this article.