Etsy shares its forecasts for 2021 in terms of DIY trends

Etsy Shares Its Forecasts For 2021 In Terms Of DIY Trends

Etsy Shares Its Forecasts For 2021 In Terms Of DIY Trends

Reading Etsy’s year in review and “First Look at 2021 Trends” – a summary of the monthly history of research on the platform throughout 2020 – has familiar connotations, we can see the main themes that have marked this specific year.

In December, Etsy released its trend predictions for 2021, which were based on increases in search terms. It’s saying shoppers consider both the environmental and social impact when they purchase items. We should put more thought into what we buy and the impact on the world.

Etsy proposes major trends to come, which we find interesting to share with you. Draw inspiration from these to create badges, magnets, portable mirrors, on the current themes: sky blue, the return from space, the omnipresence of mascots.

From an increase in searches for cotton masks and hand sanitizer in March, which rose by 2,546% and 2,329% respectively, to an increase of nearly 3,000% in searches for Etsy stores run by people of colour in June, in response to the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests. These numbers reflect our obsession with distracting ourselves in times of confinement, our efforts to turn our homes into offices, and the increase in pet adoptions.

Etsy has designed an infographic that reflects the most popular activities, from face masks to cross stitch. As families continue to spend time apart due to the pandemic, Etsy has noticed an undeniable increase in the search for thoughtful gifts, with the term “personalised” being the most commonly used.

There are also some specific points in this report, such as the fact that “personalised gift” was the most used search term throughout the year and that wedding-specific face masks are trending.

Sky blue

The growing popularity of products of sky blue colour has earned it the title of “Colour of the year 2021” A trend that represents the hope of seeing a “bluer sky”, and so, we may come across this colour more often in the future. The color blue is soaring in popularity this year. Sky blue was recently named the color of the year for the coming year, proof that people want to feel optimistic about the future.

Trends for children: the return of the space conquest

In 2021, get ready to push the boundaries when it comes to decorating your child’s room, clothing, school supplies and more. Children have been going through some very difficult situations lately… – from virtual classrooms to limited play space – and this trend allows them to escape reality and expand their imaginations, while learning about our solar system. With international space station missions planned as well as the launch of the first series of U.S. missions to the moon in 50 years, the moon is making a comeback. Buyers are already noticing: Ett Etsy noted an increase of 163% in wallpaper searches on the theme of space and 89% of searches for articles for children or babies on the theme of space.

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Pets: a real value

Perhaps it was the time spent at home or the increased need for companionship, but the “pet boom” of 2020 was very real. Now that these animals are a little older and wiser, buyers are getting ready to offer their furry friends items – such as stuffed animals, custom beds, custom collars or even matching sets for owners and pets – that won’t be torn to shreds. We have already seen an increase of 96% in searches for pet toys and 102% in searches for assorted items for animals and their owners as buyers find ways to formally welcome their pets into the family.