How to boost your hairdressing / beauty salon with pocket mirrors and other ideas

Creating a relationship with your customers is one of the easiest ways to maintain a constant flow of customers to your salon and a regular inflow of cash into the till. And if you’re looking for ways to encourage customers to renew their trust, read our tips below …

1. Attract customers with Instagram

In 2020, running a beauty salon without Instagram account is like looking for strawberries in the desert. You can do it, but why take the risk?

Your business is completely based on aesthetics and visuals, and Instagram is a platform that exists solely because of these principles. The two go hand in hand.

The fact is that most salon managers have immersed themselves in the Instagram culture because it is the best way to showcase their work that attracts attention.

2. Consolidate your presence in the neighbourhood

If you are not a beauty salon that is part of a network, you will have less notoriety but you have the unique advantage of positioning yourself as a pillar in the community.

What does that mean exactly? First, you can sponsor and volunteer at local events. On the other hand, you can give beauty and hairdressing classes at a local community centre.

3. Cultivate a network of loyal customers by thinking about the details.

It is well known that 80 % of your turnover depends on 20 % of your customers.

As well as offering special promotions, your loyal customers are the ones who come back to your salon.  In addition, your most loyal customers will be the ones who recommend new people to you and who allow you to gain regular customers.

Make sure you offer VIP treatment to people who regularly return to your store.

4. Launch a digital loyalty program

Ultimately, if you don’t digitize your loyalty program, customers will likely lose or forget their membership cards and not take advantage of the various options. In addition, it would not be necessary to print a large number of individual cards.

Digital loyalty solutions are also more environmentally friendly.

5. Offer online video seminars

The beauty and makeup tutorials on YouTube are a very important marketing force. Why not take advantage of this and produce videos too? Your existing customers will provide you with a large number of video views to get you started, so just let them know about your channel when they visit your living room.

6. Special offers

Yes, cultivating a loyal clientele is the best way to guarantee the durability of a beauty salon. However, at some point, you need to attract new blood to your facility. And one of the best ways to do this is to offer a limited-time offer.

7. Ask for reviews for your Google Page

We live in a time when Google Reviews reigns supreme.
The vast majority of consumers read online reviews before going to a hair salon. And when you receive positive reviews, it greatly improves your online search results.
All you have to do is ask each customer to leave a notice.

8. Offering gifts / extra services

Why not make the stay in your salon as pleasant as possible? There’s nothing wrong with having an espresso machine so waiting customers can enjoy a delicious drink.

You can also create pocket mirrors using a badge machine that will delight your customers: Customize them with your hair salon logo. Your clients will use it, and you’ll be present in their handbags and…. Their mind

9. Cross-promotion is your best ally

TheNeighbourhood businesses are your one-way ticket to free advertising. Go around town and visit cafes, restaurants, clothing stores and anywhere you can think of and offer the owners something of value. It can be something as simple as a coupon, or a keychain, a magnet that you can make with a badge machine, customised, at a very competitive price.

10. Continue to provide an incredible service

Imagine you’re executing a Don Draper-style advertising and marketing strategy. And that the whole city comes to your salon – but you don’t have the art and cosmetic skills to support it.
In the end, mastery of your skills wins out. If your pedicures are up to date and your style reaches excellence, word will spread and customers will be queuing up, looking for the best beauty services in town for days.