How to create magnetic badges for personalised clothing

Magnetic badges for personalised clothing are the ideal solution for use with fragile clothing. Unlike traditional badges, they do not require piercing the garment, and are therefore well suited to the times we live in. They will allow the identification of hospital medical staff without having to pierce protective clothing. They also provide an increased level of safety for children. Finally, you can also use them on your fridge, or on any metal surface!

All our standard button badges of up to 77mm diameter can be supplied with a magnetic clothing attachment. In that case, the magnet is attached to the plastic back.

The magnets we use are strong enough, and there is no risk of the badges accidentally coming off, as can happen with cheaper and less powerful magnets.

You can create your own clothing magnet badge using one of our badge machines. You can also purchase a special pack that includes everything you need to make magnetic clothing badges.  . As with all the solutions we provide, these badges can be customised.

Here is a video that shows how to use a badge machine to make personalised clothing badges.

For which uses?

Magnetic badges for personalised round clothing allow you to implement marketing campaigns (professional badges, badges for trade fairs, badges for hotels, identification badges,…) They can also be used to display your passions (music badges, club badges, badges to support a cause), as a gift (badges with photos, evjf, wedding or baptism badges, party badges,…). They can be used in a hospital environment to give a human dimension, without damaging protective clothing.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is not recommended to wear a magnetic badge if you wear a pacemaker, as the magnets may interfere with the operation of the system. If you have any questions, please contact the e-Badges team.