How to maintain your badge machine

If you have purchased a badge making machine, rest assured, its sturdiness will allow you to make thousands of badges. It is advisable to carry out a minimum of maintenance. We’ll give you some tips to keep your machine working as it did on the first day in this post.

Make sure that the badge machine is well lubricated

The machines operate by friction, i.e. the manufacture of badges is carried out by moving certain parts over others, and therefore the machines must be well lubricated. The upper part of the machine must always be well lubricated with white grease that you can find in any hardware store. This is the main area of friction, so we have to make sure that we have a good glide to ensure the manufacturing process is smooth. You can also use the traditional “3 in 1” spray oil.

Dusting the machine

Another thing we have to take into account is the paper that is deposited during the manufacture of the badges, it generates dust and some of it gets inside the bases, so from time to time you have to clean the inside with a compressed air bottle. To do this, operate the lever that separates the two plates and apply air so that all the dirt comes out.

Run a lubricating film over the dies.

You can regularly run a teflon lubricating film or sewing machine oil over the dies.

Spare parts

We have a complete stock of spare parts for our badge making machines. All our machines come with a 12 month warranty. However, unlike some badge machine manufacturers, we do not offer warranties with incomprehensible clauses. Should you nevertheless encounter a problem with your machine, please contact us and we will repair or replace the faulty part free of charge in accordance with our philosophy: we want our  customers to be happy.

Choose the right paper

Check the thickness and quality of the paper, remember that glossy photo paper is not recommended and that papers that are too thin are not recommended either.

If you are using 45mm or 58mm machines, check that you have the appropriate spacer at the second die.

Avoid falls when installing the badge machine.

Make sure your machine is placed on a flat work surface. All badge machines, with the exception of the Micro range, must be securely fixed to a board or workbench.

If you encounter any difficulties in maintaining your badge machine, please contact Ebadges.