Make Exciting Sports Day Medals with eBadges!

Summer’s here, which means it’s the season for school sports days. Why not make your own sports day medals to double the fun?

We’ve been busy recently preparing for the Race for Life 5K, which has got us all in a sporty mood. With National School Sport Week just around the corner (26th-30th June), what better time to encourage further participation in sport by making your own sports day medals?

Sport is hugely beneficial to schoolchildren. From the obvious health benefits of increased exercise, such as how it reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues and obesity, right down to helping children learn how to handle disappointment, sport at school can be really helpful.

Whilst sports days are also a great way to build confidence and teamworking skills, of course not everyone excels at traditional athletic events. But that shouldn’t stop them from having a day to take away the stress of the school year and let off some steam at a sports day – old-school sports day games such as sack races, egg and spoon races and wheelbarrow races still let those who might not excel at the high jump or sprinting take part in a fun team day.

Of course what the day should really be about is encouraging all people to take part and celebrating everyone’s achievement. What better way to show this than with fantastic sports day medals?

This can be part of the fun too: rather than using regular sports day medals, why not let people create their own? This could be done before the day’s events so they’re all ready to hand out, or the winners and participants in races could even press their own medals right after the event.

Our rewards pack has everything you need to get started making medals. With the ability to use custom artwork in the medal, making your own sports day medals gives you the chance to really make it a day to remember, whether you’re good at sports or not!