Make medals and badges with a badge machine to motivate your confined students

We are living in a time when social distancing is becoming necessary in a complicated environment. The coronavirus imposes a potentially traumatic confinement on students. How do you maintain the sense of belonging to a class? How do you motivate children from a distance?

To congratulate students for their schoolwork, or simply to motivate them, a personalised souvenir medal is a gesture that will remain engraved in their memory. Whether you are organising an end-of-year awards ceremony, a sports competition or a special event, Ebadges provides medal making to reward attendance, reading, science, math, good character, school spirit and much more. Personalise the medal with the name of your school and the student, and add colourful ribbons around the neck to make the presentation even more special.

Create your own awards, medals, trophies and much more.

Personalised medals are an excellent choice to highlight a special event or achievement. Create your own design or draw from the hundreds of free stock designs on sites like Canva, and opt for custom medal packs that include everything you need to make your medals. All our medals are supplied with ribbons, and you can assemble the medals with badge presses.

Using a badge press to make medals is possible.

Ebadges can help you create and design your own personalised medals. In just a few simple steps, you can create a unique reward in terms of materials, design and more.

Here is an explanatory video to help you make a medal on an Ebadges badge machine. In this video we will use a Micro badge machine, but the process is the same on any other Ebadges machine.

Text of the video: To make a medal, start by placing the metal face in the first die. The metal edge must fit easily into the die groove.

In the die, place your creation face up on top, then place a piece of plastic film over your creation. It is important to use only one piece to prevent the machine from jamming.

Move the grey ring on the first die and turn the central punch over, so it looks like a top hat. Turn the dies so that the first die is placed directly under the handle, and pull down firmly.

Make sure there is no spacer in the second die, then put the medal back into the die by inserting the triangular end into the hole on the side. Move the grey ring and the top hat onto the second die, upside down so that it fits into the grey ring. Turn the dies again so the second die is placed directly under the handle, and pull down firmly.

You can see that the top hat has to be pushed all the way down on the die. To make sure that the medal is properly made, reassemble the grey ring and remove the top hat, then remove the medal from the die. To finish your medal, just add the ribbon.