How many uses for a magnet?

We tasked one of our Enterprise families to get busy dreaming up different ways in which to use our newest product in stock – the fabulous 25mm magnet.


Wow and did they get creative!

Our six-year-old skateboarding dude painted a cheap baking tray (cost just 80p from local hardware shop) with a bit of left over emulsion from the cupboard and fashioned it into a 3D picture of himself in action – flying along at top speed on his beloved board.

Another idea he had was to make up a noughts and crosses tray using the magnets as noughts and crosses. Ideal for taking in the car on long journeys.

For our 12-year-old (girl), a present for her best friend was her preferred option. Having moved schools this September, a message to her best pal reaffirming their friendship status went down really well.


Again, it’s a painted baking tray (with a couple of holes drilled in the top so it can be hung up). The rest of the design is made up of 25mm magnets  made up into different letters to spell out any message of choice.

These could also be made up as bedroom door signs – messages could change dependent upon the inhabitant’s mood!


The whole design (including painting the tray and making the magnets) took about an hour to create. Not only was it fun to make up but presenting it to the friend in question was a very special moment.

For a 14-year-old, the idea of making something creative had to include some link to social media of one variety or another.

You Tube was her first choice; magnets made up depicting You Tuber personalities scattered across the tray made her a happy bunny without losing any kudos at all!