Medals are a winner for eBadges


Crossing the finish line and being awarded a medal (complete with your own School logo or design) is a momentous occasion for anyone.

eBadges medals make the ideal award for every child taking part in the day and – at a cost starting from less than 13 pence each – it means that every child can feel like a winner.

There’s free UK delivery if you buy a badge making machine during June 2015 and with one of our machines at your disposal, you will be able to design and make up your own School medals, badges, mirrors, fridge magnets, key rings etc in different sizes.

Children particularly enjoy the simple creativity involved in designing their own badges and medals and then making it up using one of our machines. Each badge only takes seconds to make and the result is a real treat. All our components are really easy to make up (children love creating them) and make great gifts if you design your very own bespoke badge or medal.

Badgemaking works as an excellent fundraiser too. If you have a School fete day looming on your calendar – why not set up a badge making stall where children can design and make their own badges, mirrors, key rings etc.  Machines start from just £72 including VAT which means you can recoup your capital outlay within just a few hours of setting out your stall!

Here at Enterprise Products we are always on the lookout for fabulous badge designs, so please do send us some of your medals and badges so we can show them off to our band of badge making creatives. You never know, if yours gets featured, you may even win yourself a prize or two.

So go get busy and bespoke some badge beauties …