Personalised bottle openers: how to make them? – Tutorial

Bottle openers are effective promotional products that can be branded with your particular message or design. They are ideal as a wedding gift, and as a promotional item for businesses, schools, or clubs.

A bottle opener  can be found in any kitchen it’s an essential tool! Customising them is an excellent way to promote your business or brand. Personalisation is a trend that consumers love. If you want to give a gift that lasts, remember that a branded bottle opener is the perfect promotional product. Promotional bottle openers are great for branding your business. They are a great way to get your logo in front of the public and remind people of your business.

Perfect for all kinds of occasions

Bottle openers are inexpensive yet highly memorable products. They’re useful for corporate gifts and sales promotions. Plus, you can even personalise them with a logo or message of your choice. Bottle openers make great giveaways for conferences and trade shows, and can be used to promote your product or service. They are also perfect for gifting to guests at a promotional event, important client meetings, or corporate events.

If you’re going to distribute bottle openers at an event, make sure they’re branded

A branded bottle opener makes a great gift for any occasion and is always useful in people’s kitchens long after the event. Some of the most memorable gifts are those that  are kept over time. A branded bottle opener is an excellent way to give a gift that guests will use year after year.

How to make custom bottle openers

Our personalised bottle openers (link)  are available in a range of designs to suit your company’s brand identity. They make excellent personalised gifts, and are available at very competitive prices. Choose our Bottle Opener Keyring Sets (link) or our Bottle Opener Magnet Sets (link) if you wish to offer a magnetic bottle opener.

We have published this video which explains how to make them.

To make a bottle opener keyring start by placing the metal front into the first die. The metal edge should slot easily into the groove in the die.

Next place your artwork on top face up then place one piece of plastic film on top of your artwork. It’s important  to only use one piece to prevent the machine from jamming. Move the grey ring onto the first die and turn the centere punch so it looks like a top hat . Rotate the dies so the first die is directly under the handle and pull firmly down.

Make sure the bottle opener spacer is sitting in the second die, then either place the magnet or keyring back into the die, sliding the ring through the hole in the side if a keyring.

Move the grey ring and top hat onto the second die then turn the top hat upside down so it fits into the grey ring. Rotate the dies again so the second die is directly under the handle and pull firmly down. As you can see the top hat should be pushed all the way down onto the die to ensure the bottle opener key ring or magnet makes correctly.

Lift off the grey ring and top hat and your bottle opener  is complete.