Pin a badge and wear it with pride

eBadges supplies child-friendly badges with a special super-safe back option to avoid any unnecessary badgepin-related injuries.


An alternative way to celebrate sporting prowess is to present sports day super stars with a gleaming and unique accolade to make them feel proud. Our medals cost as little as 27p each, so you can afford to award all participants with their own bespoke congratulatory medal.

If you are hunting for a giveaway or a small, but beautifully formed, unique present why not try our new 25mm keyrings. Once liveried with your own logo or design, these small accessories make excellent presents and popular promotional PR gifts.

If you are local to Lincolnshire, why not take advantage of our new rental scheme whereby you can hire one of our badge making machines to make up your own badge/magnet, mirror/keyring designs without having to commit to the capital outlay.

If you are hosting a party, organising a family event or are looking for fundraising ideas, then look no further, our badge makers make up professional products which are perfect for so many occasions.

If you are interested in renting a badge maker, please call us on 01780 740075 or email: for more details.