Adjustable blue circle cutter for cutting out artwork
Adjustable blue circle cutter for cutting out artwork
Die and Cutter for Micro Badge Maker

Blue Circle Cutter – Micro, Mini, Maxi


Pack includes:

  • Circle cutter and cutting board
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Interchangeable cutting size
  • Available in 25, 38, 45, 58 and 77mm
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Both the orange and blue circle cutters work in exactly the same way – the only difference is the colour of the frame.

Our best-selling circle cutter makes cutting out your designs simple and effortless. It is suitable for paper or lightweight fabrics and it cuts a perfect circle! The circle cutter is suitable for use with any of our badge makers.

The cutter is sold with a perspex cutting board to protect your surfaces from any damage. Please use with caution as the blade is sharp.

Real Cutting Size

Please note: The real size that this cuts is a little bigger than the size displayed. For example: a 25mm cutter cuts the correct size paper discs to use with a 25mm badge maker, but the real diameter of the paper is 35mm because the edge of the paper is supposed to wrap around the badge.

Badge size                         Real diameter of the cut paper disc

25mm                                          35mm

38mm                                          49mm

45mm                                          56mm

58mm                                          70mm

77mm                                           87mm

How do I use the circle cutter?

We’ve put together a helpful video to show you exactly how it’s done:

What do you mean by ‘adjustable’?

This means that the cutter can be adjusted to cut different sized circles to be used with our different sized badge makers!

We’ve even made a video to show you how easy it is to change sizes:

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