Promotional Product Trends for 2022: what should we expect?

Promotional Product Trends For 2022 What Should We Expect

Marketing trends are always changing. It’s important to be plugged into customer values and preferences. Pay attention to these top trends that we are introducing in this article and that are  popular in the year 2021, and are likely to continue for years to come.

Promotional products are a powerful way to get your message across. A study in the US found that promotional outerwear is kept for 16 months, umbrellas and t-shirts last for 14 months or so, and your brand effectively have a better chance of being recognized. There’s a better ROI, recognition, and sales, and that’s what we’re all about.

The first promotional items ever made were button badges. In the late 18th century, businesses and political parties made and passed out these items to commemorate the election of George Washington as president. Buttons have come a long way since those early days. From pins and patches to t-shirts and more, we’ve seen a lot of evolution in promotional items.

Amidst the pandemic, we’ve changed our work, play, and how we relate to one another. One of the most visible changes is that we now prioritize what we purchase. We’re now more aware of the impact those items have on the community as a whole. And we forecast these trends for this coming year.

Giving back

There is a huge focus on giving back to our community in both an ecological and social way. According to a study by Clear Channel, 87% of Millennials were influenced to purchase something based on whether the company had made a social contribution.

Many promotional products suppliers  are expanding brands that give back. For example we just supported an exhibition, Mots et Maux de femmes, to fight against gender violence.

Ten years ago these kinds of actions were not common. Now community minded products and suppliers are much more  popular, consumers are looking for a way to use products with a meaning.

Experiential marketing

Experience gifting is a phenomenon that has emerged in the wake of Covid. When we stopped going to the office, visiting clients, or our social life stopped, we felt disconnected. Experiential marketing began to grow in popularity:  people feel loved and appreciated when they receive products that have been tailored to meet their needs and create a unique experience at home. This type of marketing focuses on getting the consumer to experience the brand.

With experiential marketing, you can show your love and appreciation for people by giving them an experience in the home.  Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers using branded experiences, and that can be done in the comfort of their home. This type of marketing aims to make the consumer experience the brand. According to Bernd Schmitt, experiential marketing is a process that aims to give a customer a memorable experience before purchase. And this can be done in the comfort of their home, with the right gift.

Full Custom Products

Consumers want customization. They demand it and are willing to pay  more for it. In fact, according to a recent article from Adweek, a 30% increase in ROI has been seen when marketing experiences are personalized.  Consumers want to stand out, and you can work with us to find unique pieces that can help them do so, such as personalized button badges or custom keyrings. Typical promotional products are great, but when it comes to embracing individuality, the sky’s the limit.

Virtual event giveaways

Virtual events are only growing. Event organizers are coming up with unique ways to make their virtual conferences personal, including unique giveaways to give attendees a sense of belonging.

Virtual event giveaways play a big role in humanizing a brand, while helping customers connect personally with them. They’re the perfect way to say “thank you” for being a part of your events and community. It’s proven that 83% of consumers care more about how brands treat them than what products they sell.

Work from home products

The pandemic has led Google and Facebook employees to work from home, as well as other companies. Companies have extended their work from home policies for a number of years, including the year 2021 and 2022.

Many businesses are expected to join the trend, which means more and more employees will need to work from home. This means that more employees are in need of products to help them stay productive from their home offices. Think about how difficult it can be to work from home, so keep this in mind when choosing what kind of products to offer.