15 Top UK Craft Bloggers & Blogs to Follow in 2019

Following our previous year’s list of top 5 craft bloggers to follow in 2018, here are the best UK craft bloggers and blogs of 2019.

Red Ted Art

Named after her son, Ted, Maggy Woodley hosts a one-stop-shop of kids crafts that are easy to make for preschool and toddlers. It can often be difficult to get young children to focus, but Maggy has an abundance of activities that are designed to be easy to follow.

Maggy’s work helps families spend quality time together, often listing activities which are better suited to groups of children and families. You won’t need any fancy materials either – good old PVA glue and googly eyes crop up a lot in her how-to’s.

Red ted art

Credit: Red Ted Art

Crafts on Sea

As a mum of two young children, Kate showcases her tried-and-tested craft ideas for kids on her blog. All ideas are realistic, which means you can give them a go with your little ones too. Owl puppets, paper lanterns and sun-catchers are just some of the things you can try out.

Kate also has an adult crafting section for you to get your teeth stuck into. From charm bracelets and scented candles to plenty of upcycling project ideas – whether you decide to gift your wares to loved ones or keep them for yourself is entirely up to you!

crafts on sea

Credit: Crafts on Sea

Fall for DIY

Fall for DIY is the ultimate blog for lifestyle crafts. This craft blog includes

  • Fashion
  • Office
  • Party
  • Food

Upcycling, one of the biggest craft trends at the moment, has been taking Instagram by storm. Fran at Fall for DIY has a huge amount of articles on how to transform existing items with a quick and easy makeover.

With clean images and fun craft suggestions for any situation, Fall for DIY is a great blog to make your work, home and yourself the best it can be.

fall for diy

Credit: Fall for DIY

Rainy Day Mum

“And realise that if someone does rain on your dreams, then pull on your boots and go and dance in the puddles!”

There is an abundance of activities for, you guessed it, a rainy day in on Rainy Day Mum. From creating new things to helping children learn, the blog is packed full of fun ways to spend time together.

Inspirational and motivational, the blog includes ideas on how to make your own homemade paint, salt dough hearts and even dinosaur fossils.


Credit: Rainy Day Mum

The Crafty Gentleman

A self-confessed craft addict, Mike runs The Crafty Gentleman which provides actionable tips and tricks to celebrate and encourage more men into the world of crafts. Based in Nottingham, he posts original DIY and craft projects, recipes and inspiration.

A brand ambassador the Singer Sewing Company, Mike has also appeared on Channel 4 and been shortlisted for the UK blog awards. From colour-blocked geometric wooden coasters to piping your own cushion cover or apron, you’ll find it almost impossible to leave Mike’s site without making something and getting stuck in.

The crafty gentleman

Credit: The Crafty Gentleman

Amy is Hooked

Londoner Amy is mother to three children and her creative blog is dedicated to her love of glitter, crochet and crafting. From floating heart bunting to making your own handbag with chunky glitter, her blog is a safe haven for all glitter addicts.

But she doesn’t stop there, she also plays around with materials that you wouldn’t normally associate with crafts. These could include materials such as concrete and body scrubs. From summer to spring, her blog is full of not just tips on how to make things. She also blogs about how to make the most of them and enjoy activities with your kids.

Credit: Amy is Hooked

The Craft Blog by Trimcraft

A place for all your craft desires, The Craft Blog has daily posts to keep you inspired and is overflowing with ideas for any specific form of art and design.

From making a carrot cake for Easter to a flower gift bag for Mothers Day, you can guarantee that there will be a post on The Craft Blog for any date in your calendar.

It doesn’t just have to be for a themed day either, but something to do to challenge yourself in 2019. The owners even run monthly ‘craft challenges’ and they share the creations on their website and also give the winner a prize.

You can also buy stock to help you make the creations on their site and they give step by step images so you can follow it without missing a trick – a true one-stop-shop.

Credit: The Craft Blog by Trimcraft

Mummy Snowy Owl

Nottinghamshire-based Katie runs a blog which is not just around crafts but around her

  • Life
  • Parenting
  • Charities
  • Fertility battle

She’s a keen activist of living sustainably, something which comes across in her homemade DIY activities and is really topical right now. Katie’s also includes lots of blogs around the subject of making your home eco-friendly, and what to do with unwanted Christmas gifts, as opposed to just throwing them away.

Her craft blog also includes a “charity spotlight” regularly throughout the year when she shines a light on various charities, new and established. She also offers insight into how to make money from your crafting hobby, drawing on selling products for occasions like weddings and kids birthday parties.

Credit: Mummy Snowy Owl

The Ordinary Lovely

Freelance writer and content creator Rachel lives in North Wales and turns her hand to anything craft or interiors related. She likes the simple things, and uses this blog as a way to continue writing and learning. She calls it her “virtual scrapbook” – we love that term to describe a craft blog.

Not just documenting crafts, but home makeovers and how they fit well together. From recycling old newspapers for wrapping paper to testing out ‘Smart’ furniture, her blog is regularly updated and has reviews and information on all the things she tries out. She also writes a gardening blog entitled, ‘In To The Potting Shed.

Credit: The Ordinary Lovely

The Upcyclist

“It struck me that being able to create a beautiful, durable and desirable product from waste takes imagination, innovation and skill”

A mix of a web shop and a design blog, Upcyclist is run by Antonia Edwards, and she focuses on green design and intelligently upcycled pieces. She examines the art of styling vintage as well as sustainable furniture.

Her craft blog contains

  • Lists of how-to’s
  • Simple decoration ideas
  • The best of eco-friendly upcycling work

Eco-friendly upcycling work includes the best sustainable brands and the “wildest chair designs from repurposed materials” and offers insight for people interested in doing their own upcycling.

She also does interviews with industry-leading experts. Her unique designs are enough to make any home stand out, with bright colours and quirky ideas that have even made it into a book by Edwards.

Credit: Upcyclist

Rusty Rooster

You can find unusual and stunning rusty metal garden decorations at Rusty Rooster. It’s ran by Steve and Sara who grew up on a farm and started experimenting with a plasma cutter. Steve used to rust new metal and make bespoke items from it.

Mixing cutting, welding and rusting with their talented creative flare, their original designs include

  • Gorgeous floral sculptures
  • Custom door signs
  • And an abundance of other items for your garden from birds to pond and sea life.

Their blog also includes garden art ideas.

Credit: Rusty Rooster


#tidylife is the place to discover the latest UK home interior trends and how you can adapt to them. Also, it includes some lifestyle tips thrown in. The blog is ran by Antonia Ludden, a Mancunian mother of three and home interior enthusiast. She found a niche in 2012 when no other UK blog was focused on home organising, DIY and decorating.

Blogs include

  • Different ways to bring art into your home
  • A guide to vintage interiors
  • The ultimate baby shower gift guide
  • The best to place to put your bed in your bedroom.

Antonia tends to post 1-2 times per week.

Credit: Instagram @thisistidylife

Gentleman Crafter

“Through this blog I hope to share this journey with you as I bumble my way through all sorts of creative projects and experimentation”.

Not to be mistaken for the Crafty Gentleman, John is another craft enthusiast. He has been in the field for more than 30 years. John says the thing he loves the most is the creative process, and it shows in his blog. It features daily updates on his newest creations. This craft blog allows the reader to follow him on a journey, and see how he experiments. You can see what works and what doesn’t work.

He previously worked as a TV producer for Create and Craft TV, and designs his own range of digital products.

Credit: Gentleman Crafter

The Imagination Tree

Run by primary school teacher Anna, she has a specialism and fondness for art. She uses her knowledge of education and art together to create a blog full of activities and resources for parents and other teacher peers to use.

Activities are grouped into school subjects – literacy, numeracy, science – and she also enables you to group them by age. From play-dough chocolate recipes to Harry Potter potions, her blog is the definition of creativity.

Credit: The Imagination Tree

Gathering Beauty

Paper enthusiast Emma is a crafter and blogger living in the North West of England. Gathering Beauty is her place to share all of the things that she loves to make, such as

  • Paper and clay crafts
  • Printables
  • Desktop wallpapers.

She also has an impressive section on origami, with so many activities you’ll be busy for the foreseeable future. They’re not just aimed at kids activities either. Adult things to do are included, like making your own gift card envelope or lotus flower candy dishes. The blog also contains handy step by step image guides.

Credit: Gathering Beauty

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