Why use button badges in your company?

Button badges are round in shape and can be easily pinned on an employee’s shirt. They are also an economical option, which can be produced very quickly and has the advantage of personalization (with the employee’s photo for example).

Because button badges are available in a variety of sizes, they are suitable for different professional uses. Here are a few examples of companies where the use of personalized badges is recommended in the workplace.

Promotional Gifts

Let’s face it… everyone loves presents! If you have a new marketing campaign or are just trying to promote your business, distributing badges as a promotion is a great option. You can direct your customers to your FB or Instagram profile, your website or a contest with cleverly designed button badges. Need ideas? We can help you!


Political parties like to hand out badges to voters at polling stations and during election campaigns. Political parties can develop their movement and create a sense of unity, involving voters, with badges.

Medical sector

Hospitals, blood collection centres and other medical institutions can use badges not only to thank their patients, but also to raise awareness among the general public. Examples include badges for blood donors, for people who register for organ donation or for children going to the doctor or dentist.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants can use badges as an alternative to name badges, for example by presenting an original slogan such as “I introduce myself, my name is Henri”. Or “I’m here to help you! »


Retail stores can also replace traditional badges with button badges. Many stores print their slogans on the badges, such as “Need Help? Ask me! “Or a phrase like this to promote good customer service.

Promotional badges

The badges can also be used by retailers as mini billboards to promote new products, contests or special offers at the point of sale. In fact, badges can even be placed on a display stand next to the product to highlight a promotion or new item.

Badges connected with a good cause

Retailers can also use badges to connect customers to their social networking channels. Promoting an association through badges is also a great way to gain customer trust and reputation. These can be distributed at store doors or at the checkout with purchases.

Do you think badges are a good approach for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or ask us questions. Promote your business with round badges, you will find everything you need on our website. Personalize your badges with the brand name, logo, colours or photos now with Ebadges!