Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get asked by our customers about making badges and using our machines.

The packs will be sent out as standard with safety back badge components. If the machine is a 25mm size then it will be sent out as standard with open back “D” pin style components. If this is not what you require then either give us a call on 01780 740075, contact us or create your own bespoke package by selecting individual items.

Yes, a set of components will comprise all parts required to make a badge. All you will need to provide is artwork.

Average contents in a bag: Our goods are packaged in accordance with the Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006. Therefore the quantities advertised are an average and the tolerable negative error is 3% for a bag of 250 components or 4% for a bag of 50 or 100 components. Click here for more information about average quantities. Should the contents of a bag fall outside this directive please notify us as soon as possible.

No, you do not need a special printer – an ordinary ink-jet or laser printer is adequate.

Download our artwork guide which shows the sizes your designs need to be to fit our components. If the artwork guide does not download successfully, please check that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your system.

For best results we would recommend you use good quality ink-jet or laser paper, circa 100gsm weight. We do not recommend using photo paper due to the finish.

There are many software packages available to enable you to create your own artwork, for example, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, GIMP etc. Some (including OpenOffice) are available as free downloads.

The main difference between our badge machines is the speed of operation. The videos featured on our website provide information on the badge making process for each type of machine. Whichever machine you choose, the end result will be identical – all our machines make professional products. Our machines are all made in the UK, they are cast in metal and are built robustly to withstand heavy production.

Yes, download the following Micro instruction sheet here – English Instructions or Multilingual Instructions.  

On the Micro range of badge makers you can achieve around 3 badges per minute, with perhaps twice this amount on the Mini and Maxi machines.

Interchangeable means that one badge machine can be used to make more than one size of badge. The Micro, Mini and Maxi machines all have interchangeable dies so you can use any of the five different sizes. Dies take less than 10 seconds to change and no tools are required.

Although the badge makers are designed to use paper and mylar film, it is possible to achieve some good results with fabrics. It may take some experimentation to discover which fabrics provide the best result bearing in mind you are attempting to mimic the thickness of paper and mylar. We know that good quality linens and cottons can work well, but thinner fabrics may need to be backed with paper to ensure a satisfactory seal. Please contact us for tips and guidance.

We do keep a full stock of spare parts for our badge making machines. Please phone us on 01780 740075 or contact us.

45mm and 58mm machines are supplied with spacers in the second die (where the badge back is used). The spacer only needs to be removed from the die when making keyrings to enable the ring to be passed through the cut out in the die. It should remain in place for all other components.

It is imperative that the larger machines (Mini/Maxi) are either bolted to a workbench or mounted on a wooden board. Wooden mounting boards can be purchased separately from this website. All machines come with drill holes. It is not necessary for a Micro machine to be mounted in order to make good badges, however some of our customers say they find it easier to use a mounting board when making 77mm badges.

Check paper thickness and quality, remember that glossy photo-style paper is not recommended and papers such as wrapping materials can be too thin and need backing with another layer of paper to reach the correct thickness.

If you are using 45mm or 58mm machines, check you have the correct spacer in the second die.

Ensure your machine is on a level work surface. All badge makers, with the exception of the Micro range, should be bolted securely on to a board or workbench.

Please contact us for help or guidance.

Make sure you are using the perspex cutting board supplied with your machine to ensure the cutting blade stays sharp. Replacement blades are available.

If you have replaced your blade, please ensure the arm of the cutter is directly above the cutting blade to ensure the pressure is applied in the correct place.

Please contact us for help or guidance.

All our machines are supplied with a 12 month guarantee. However, unlike some badge machine manufacturers we do not offer long guarantees with even longer small print. On the rare occasion there is a fault with your machine please contact us and we will repair or replace the faulty part free of charge in support of our ethos: ‘we want happy customers’.

If we still haven’t answered you question, please contact us on 01780740075.