Help Videos

Whether you’re making individual badges just for fun or creating a large quantity, knowing how to make badges using our machines is a must. We’ve put together a collection of helpful videos which detail everything you need to know when it comes to how to make badges, as well as how to use all of the various components. What are you waiting for – get started and make a badge today!

How to make a badge

How to make a 45 or 58mm keyring

How to make an open back badge

How to make a magnet

How to make a mirror

How to make a mirror keyring

How to make a 25mm magnet – this is slightly different to other sizes.

How to make a supersafe badge

How to make a 25mm keyring

How to make a bottle-opener keyring

How to make a 58mm suction hook

How to make a bottle-opener magnet

How to make a 77mm mirror – we recommend using a mounting board 

How to make a flat back badge

How to pin a badge back

Micro machine – Assembling your machine

Micro machine – Changing dies

Micro machine – How to unjam a stuck die

Mini machine – How to make a badge

Mini machine – Changing dies

Maxi machine – How to make a badge

Maxi machine – Changing dies

How to use a circle cutter

How to change the size of a circle cutter – all you need is the cutter adjustment pack

How to cut fabric with a circle cutter

How to use our Punch Cutter