10 of the Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

Today we will look the top 7 DIY Christmas gift ideas for 2023. The below list is compiled of research into the trends of 2023 and delivering you, the best possible list.

In each of the categories below we will include some very impressive pieces of DIY that you can use as inspiration for your own beautiful designs.

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1 – DIY Greeting Cards

A card! What could be easier??? You’re right, nothing.

It is the simplest form of DIY yet involves all the creative juices you can imagine. The design can go from a simple drawing of Santa Claus to using different materials to create your masterpiece.

The best thing is, if you go wrong, just restart and go again.

Christmas Card 1000 X 1000

2- Christmas Badges

Why not go niche?

The badge creation industry has boomed since the dreaded covid-19 pandemic. More and more creative individuals are turning their hobby into “side hustles”, with one newcomer being badges.

Are you surprised? The variety and range with something as simple as a badge are enormous.

Have a birthday? A badge

Hen or Stag party? A badge.

Special celebratory events? A badge of course!

Just get yourself a badge machine and some components and you are well away! Make the most of our brilliant starter kit which has everything you need to get started at an unrivalled price – Starter Kit

Components 1

3 – DIY Reindeer

Who doesn’t love a reindeer?

Rudolph is iconic to all children, the beacon for Santa to complete his worldwide trip.

Reindeers are the perfect DIY craft to help relieve the creative juices trapped within a child. They can create their own new reindeer to carry Santa through the night.

Maybe instead of Rudolph’s iconic red glow it could be a bright pink or blue light.

4 – DIY Elf

The elf has taken the world by storm in recent years, in particular, with the elf on the shelf.

Kids love the idea of a mischievous elf that causes havoc amongst homes. To the annoyance of the adults, who subsequently clean up the mess.

The emergence of this little guy has excelled the popularity of elves. If you have your own website or want something to do with the kids, why not expand the elf on the shelf family and let the kids bring their own elves to life!

Elf On Shelf 1000 X 1000 Px

5 – DIY Christmas Cracker

The perfect Christmas gift for a teen.

A Christmas cracker? Yep, because you can do anything you want with it.

Every year I have given a different family member a “Christmas Cracker” styled gift. Simply get your gift, should it be chocolate, wine, or something sophisticated like a mug. Now, I used to not be the person to receive a gift from as I was inclined to use foil. However, if you use normal wrapping paper, all you do is wrap it up leaving plenty at each end and scrunch it near where the gift ends creating a cracker type effect.

6- DIY wreath

A pinnacle of any exterior Christmas decoration. There is plenty on the market you can buy but nothing quite comes close to a home-made product.

A wreath is the perfect DIY project to get kids involved.

If you want to make it truly home grown, send your children (or yourself) to go collect the resources from the wild! A fresh pinecone with an element of white spray-paint would go down a treat and really make your door pop this Christmas.

You can also make the wreaths from book paper. This involves a lot of folding paper up and sticking it to the base. They look elegant and gets everyone in your house involved.

Something subtle and elegant to go with your large and vibrant, hopefully not to the same level of the Griswold’s! (National Lampoons Christmas classic for those who don’t get the reference)

Wreath 1000 X 1000 Px

7- Hampers

We have just discussed numerous ideas you could try at home, let’s say you pick 3 of those ideas but aren’t sure who to give the gifts to…

Why not create your own hampers and really show off to your family how brilliantly crafty you are.

A great one is grandparents; they love all the heartfelt gifts that have taken time and care to create rather than a store-bought item.

8 – Hanging Gonks/Gnomes

Gonks seem to have taken over Christmas in the last two years. Everyone loves a gonk either sitting on the side or hanging from your tree. These whimsical creations not only showcase someone’s creativity but also can carry a personal touch. They can be used every year on your tree and depending on how creative you want to get. You can create them to suit the person, e.g.) with a football club hat.

Gonk 1000 X 1000 Px

9 – Personalised candles

Personalised candles stand out as a typical DIY Christmas Gift because it’s taking a normal Christmas gift and putting your own personal spin on it. Creating candles can be done from home and allows you to tailor the scent, colour and design to suit the person you’re giving it to.

Personally, I do like a candle, especially in the winter. It makes your living room feel very warm when you know it is cold outside and you don’t need to go out. Adding nice bits of cinnamon sticks around a candle makes the smell more Christmasy and warm.

10 – Personalised Box Frames

Picture frames are a great gift to give this Christmas that can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is go out and find certain objects. E.g.) stones

I had one of these made for me for Christmas and it now sits on our stand underneath the TV. It adds a personalised touch to my house. You can write personal messages in them or you can recreate something that has happened in someone’s life. E.g.) having a baby. You can then create a picture to show someone their new family they have created. For ideas, have a look on Pinterest at what people have made already.


There are only a few examples of DIY Christmas Craft ideas on show here, there are many more options you could undertake to create that perfect gift.

Looking for some more ideas? See our previous blog for more ideas.

We hope you got some wonderful new ideas to help with your Christmas Crafts.

Have wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!