Cutter Adjustment Pack


Pack includes:

  • Extra cutting plate for our circle cutter
  • Allen Key for adjustment
  • Instructions for use
  • Available in 25mm, 38mm, 45mm, 58mm and 77mm
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Our cutter adjustment pack has everything you need to change the cutter blade for your circle cutters. A very quick and easy method to broadening your product creation portfolio.

Each cutter adjustment pack comes with an Allen key for adjusting the cutter and a set of instructions.

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Range Of Products

E-badges prides itself on a diverse product range to match the wants and needs of a vast audience, while providing excellent customer service. Amongst the generic badge collection on offer, we offer products such as medals with ribbons; a variety of keyrings (standard, mirror and bottle opener); mirrors; a variety of magnets (standard, bottle opener, clothes). This vast array of products gives you an opportunity to flourish and offer yourself or others a large selection of personalised goods.

We are also very supportive with our customers, so if you have created designs you wish to post then please tag e-badges and we’ll do our best to share. We love to see how creative our customers are!

What is the difference between a Micro, Mini and Maxi badge maker?

All of our badge makers make exactly the same professional quality products. The only difference between the machines is the speed at which they can operate.

  • The Micro is the most light-weight machine, making up to 210 badges per hour.
  • The Mini is our mid-range machine, which can make up to 300 badges per hour.
  • The Maxi is our most robust machine and can make up to 480 badges per hour.

Please note: these speeds are dependent on the operator!

How do I adjust my circle cutter?

All you need to do is adjust the screw on the cutter arm and replace the metal guide plate. These metal plates attach magnetically to your adjustable cutter.

We’ve even made a video to show you how easy it is: