Maxi Kit With Cutter

Maxi Badge Making Kit


Pack includes:

  • Maxi Badge Maker
  • Circle cutter
  • Cutting board
  • Badge sets
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Our Maxi Badge Maker is a tough, hard-wearing badge making machine suitable for mass production of high quality badges.

The Maxi can make 6-8 badges per minute (up to 480 per hour), dependent on the speed of the operator!

The dies are interchangeable, meaning you can use this machine to make all kinds of products in 25, 38, 45 and 58mm. You can find the extra dies here.

What exactly do I get in this pack?

This pack includes everything you need to get started:

  • Maxi badge maker
  • Circle cutter – for cutting out your artwork
  • Perspex cutting board – to protect your surfaces from the sharp cutter blade
  • Everything you need to make badges: metal fronts, clear plastic mylar, plastic backs and safety pins
  • Instructions
  • template to help you cut your artwork to the correct size

Pre-pinned vs. Unpinned

Pre-pinned badge sets come with the pins already inserted – a handy time-saver!

Unpinned badge sets come with the pins separately – you will need to insert them before making badges.

Can I make other products with this machine?

Yes – you can make any of our components with this machine as long as they are available in the correct size. For example, if you buy a 25mm machine you can use any of our 25mm components. Click here to see what components are available in each size.

How do I use the Maxi machine?

We’ve put together a helpful video to show you exactly how it’s done – this video shows a mirror being made, but the process is very similar for making badges:

What is the difference between a Micro, Mini and Maxi machine?

All of our badge makers make exactly the same professional quality products. The only difference between the machines is the speed at which they can be operated.

  • The Micro is the most light-weight machine, making up to 3 badges per minute.
  • The Mini is our mid-range machine, which can make up to 5 badges per minute.
  • The Maxi is our most robust machine and can make up to 8 badges per minute.

Please note: these speeds are dependant on the operator!

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