Why are people collecting button badges?

Why Are People Collecting Button Badges

A button badge is a small piece of material with a logo or slogan printed on it. Although they are small in size, these items are very important to us. A small button may seem like little more than a simple and insignificant item, but it is a symbol of our personality.
Button badge collecting has been a popular hobby amongst many people both young and old, over the years. So if you consider to collect more badges, or want to know more about this unique hobby, then read on…

What are the different types o button badges?

Button badges are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials.The most iconic ones for collectors depend on several factors, such as design and age. Badges can be simple or complex, elaborate or subtle.

Why do people collect button badges?

Collectors purchase badge buttons to remind them of their past experiences, and because they look beautiful as decorative items. Due to the wide variety available and their light weight, button badges are the obvious choice for taking back home to friends and family as small gifts.

They are usually collected by teenagers and adults as part of a fad and are used to display passions, or hung on bags to make an expression of style. They are also a fun and interesting way to express one’s individuality.

The younger generation often features the names and images of popular music bands, which look great when hung from backpacks, or on their coat. Some other people keep collections of button badges for resale at a later date when they will have added value for being ‘retro’ or antique. As a collector of button badges, you will be able to come up with several stories as each button badge has a memory and a story to tell.

How to start a button badge collection?

Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Select a theme and collect buttons that match it. Maybe you want a collection of all the animals you love or a selection of favourite bands. You can also focus on a country. Maybe you re more interested by the design of the badges, or by their history. You can also create something of your own design. Once you have decided whether you want to build up a collection of random badges or select a specific theme, you need to start your collection!

2 Starting your collection – At the start of your collection, start with what you already have. Collecting buttons is a fun hobby that anyone can get into. You may already have button badges to start your collection, or perhaps you can find them at the local flea market, or ask to your family and friends. You can also search online on many websites such as Ebay, Etsy…

3 Where do you keep your badge buttons? It’s a good idea to keep them away from children and pets to avoid damage, and for the same reason it’s best to display them in a protected space. Your collection is also perhaps easier to display in a shop window.

4. Have a budget in mind – Before you begin selling your collection, it’s a good idea to determine how much money you will make. You should have an idea of the price you want to buy your collectibles for.

Where to buy Button badges

Button badges are available at a variety of places, and these days it’s easier than ever to get them. You can get them online or at a local store.
You can buy antique and vintage button badges on websites such as Ebay, auction websites, there are also websites such as https://www.worthpoint.com/ that can help value the badges. Although there are no official figures, some badges sell for several thousand Pounds. Other websites such as Etsy do offer the possibility to buy new badges, and start your collection.
Free button badges are also available in many places, sucg at business events. Take advantage of these freebies to boost button badge collection.
You can also create your own collection of badges, by printing specific designs, which will complete your collection

How to make your own button badges

Making your own button badges is really fun and kids will love to join in too. To design your own button badges, you will need a button badge press that can be bought online from Ebadges.
Button Badge making with our button machine really is very simple and straightforward, and within a very short period of time you will become good at producing button badges. Here is a video with instructions and tips on how to successfully produce button badges.

Where to sell your collection of button badges

Etsy is a renowned marketplace that allows designers, artists and crafters to sell their handcrafted goods. Thanks to its global reach and focus on handmade, vintage and custom products, it’s a great place to sell your new design. High quality printed buttons can be sold online at Etsy. Another possibility is to sell the collection on Ebay, or on other platforms such as Gumtree.

You can also create your own store. There are thousands of online platforms that can be used to build e-commerce stores. Some of the popular ones include Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Choosing the right platform is important if you want to create a successful store and it can be difficult to decipher which one is best for your business.