41 Easy & Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year and a great time for kids (and big kids) to get crafty and creative!

From pumpkin painting to wreath making and everything in-between, we’ve put together a list of 40 awesome craft ideas for kids and toddlers: 

Easy DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

  1. Black Sock Cats

Got any lonely socks hanging around? For this craft, kids can quickly transform an old sock into a black cat fit for a witch!

  1. Halloween Slime 

Kids of all ages love slime, and it seems to work perfectly for Halloween.

halloween craft ideas for kids

Photo credit: thebestideasforkids.com

Why not add some more personality by storing slime in these Halloween-themed slime jars!

  1. Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets 

These vampire wooden spoon puppets are a fang-tastic addition to a scary puppet show! 

halloween craft ideas for kids

Photo credit: easypeasyandfun.com

  1. Halloween Paper Lanterns

As the dark nights draw in, Halloween is a time for cosy, glowing lanterns. You can customise the colour scheme of these stylish paper lanterns depending on your Halloween decor, and use battery powered tea lights for guaranteed ambience.

  1. Sugar Painting

You’ll believe in magic when you see how painting over a special sugar mixture reveals a unique pattern.

  1. Spooky Spider Soap 

Soap making is a great activity for older kids, and they’ll love getting to pick different combinations of colours and smells!

spooky spiders

Image credit: happinessishomemade.net

You can whip a batch of this spooky spider soap in around 10 minutes!

  1. Fluffy Slime

Little witches and wizards will love making this freaky, fluffy slime. You can experiment with different colours like green, orange or even purple, and add some plastic spiders for a finishing touch.

  1. DIY tie-dye t-shirts 

Tie-dye is a great way to brighten up an old t-shirt and promises to deliver that “wow” factor when you see the finished result. Give your tie-dye a seasonal twist with these awesome Halloween tie-dye patterns!

  1. Paper Bag Puppets 

Who needs a scary movie when you can make your very own puppet show? These petrifying paper bag puppets will certainly do the trick.

Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Even the littlest ghouls can still join in the Halloween fun! 

When it comes to Halloween crafts for preschoolers, choose simple crafts where they can explore and learn by being creative, even if that means getting a little messy in the process.


Photo courtesy of Drew Hayes on Unsplash

  1. Handprint Spiders 

You may have heard of handprint turkeys for Christmas, but what about handprint spiders? All you need to get started is some black paint and paper. 

Once you’ve made your creepy crawly handprints, add some personality with a pair of googly eyes.

  1. Apple print pumpkins 

Printing with apples is a great activity that toddlers can really get stuck into (with adult supervision of course!). Simply cut an apple in half and dip in orange paint to achieve the perfect pumpkin-shaped stamp!

  1. Painted pumpkins 

Young children might not be able to carve pumpkins themselves, but that doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the fun! Take a look at some pumpkin painting ideas here that are great for the whole family.

For a fun twist on a painted pumpkin, why not try a glitter pumpkin? Just bear in mind that they can get a little messy, so it’s best to make this one outdoors.

(Photo courtesy of Julia Raasch on Unsplash)

  1. Ghost Footprints

Did you know that tiny footprints can also make these adorable little ghosts? 

  1. Halloween Suncatcher 

These Halloween suncatchers look great on any window, and they’re fuss-free and dun to make. Your little one will love watching as the light shines through their creation! 

Even the smallest kids can get involved by ripping up small pieces of tissue paper used to make the suncatcher, and get stuck in decorating with felt, coloured pens and googly eyes.

  1. Egg Cup Creepy Crawlies

There’s no such thing as too many creepy crawlies at Halloween! An added bonus of making this egg-streme craft is that you can recycle any used cardboard egg cups.

Photo courtesy of Parents.com

  1. Halloween Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a fabulous sensory play option for kiddies, allowing them to create to their heart’s content.

Give this firm favourite a Halloween twist by turning your homemade Play-Doh black, green or orange.

  1. Masking Tape Mummy 

Toddlers will love ‘wrapping up’ their masking tape mummy! 

  1. Painted Rocks 

Painting rocks is a great activity for younger kids, it offers them the chance to flex their creative muscles without the need for any sharp scissors.

painted rocks

Image credit: easypeasyandfun.com

Half of the fun is picking out differently shaped rocks, which can then be painted to create a whole gang of ghouls or patch of pumpkins.

  1. Cotton Ball Ghosts

Creating collages is always great fun, and cotton balls are a great option to add for ghost that really’ jumps’ off the page!

Halloween Paper Craft Ideas 

1.Halloween Paper Chains

If you’re looking for easy Halloween paper craft ideas, paper chains are a great way to get started!

paper chain

Photo credit: easypeasyandfun.com

To make your paper chains, simply cut long strips of paper in different colours, stick or staple together, and decorate to your heart’s content.

  1. Halloween Paper Plates 

When it comes to crafts, paper plates are one of the most versatile materials around and allow you to be as creative as you like!

Image credit: housingaforest.com

For Halloween, some of our favourite paper plate crafts are these spooky spiders and Dracula paper plates

  1. Pop Up Cards 

There’s no better way to say “Happy Halloween!’ than with a card.

Take a look at a handy step-by-step guide to making your own here

  1. Halloween Confetti

Confetti will give an added ‘wow’ factor to your Halloween cards, and is also a fun way to use up scraps of paper from other crafty activities!

  1. Halloween Origami

Origami isn’t as tricky as you might think! We love these fangtastic origami bat bookmarks which are great for scary story books!

  1. Paper Ball Bats 

These paper ball bats make great hanging decorations for any Halloween bash. You can see how to make them here.

  1. Toilet Roll Creatures

Cardboard toilet paper rolls are sturdy and versatile, making them perfect for all kinds of crafty activities. 

Image credit: easypeasyandfun.com

You can transform old toilet paper rolls into your very own ghoulish gang using pipe cleaners, paint and tissue paper.

  1. Scary Spiders’ Webs 

Get your spidey senses tingling with this giant DIY spider’s web. Make sure to add some plastic spiders for the full effect! 

  1. Paper Bat Silhouettes 

Did you know that a group of bats is called a ‘cloud’? Transform a room with into your very own bat cave with this simple paper craft!

  1. Simple Skeleton Crafts

Channel Jack Skellington from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ with this simple skeleton craft.

Photo credit: rainydaymum.co.uk

Halloween Mask Craft Ideas

Masks are a simple and inexpensive way to jazz up any Halloween costume. With these Halloween mask craft ideas, you’ll be the master of (DIY) disguise!

1.Cat Mask 

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! We love this take on the classic Halloween cat outfit. An added bonus is that this craft doesn’t require any sewing, so it’s purr-fect for little ones.

cat mask

Image credit: sewkatesew.com

  1. Venetian Mask

If you need a last minute Halloween outfit, this DIY venetian mask will add an air of decadence and mystery to any look. 

  1. Fox Mask 

It might not be the scariest mask around, but this felt fox mask is still fantastic!

  1. Bat Mask

Channel the caped crusader this Halloween with this slick bat mask

This DIY is great if you need to whip up an outfit in a pinch, as it requires no sewing!

5.Butterfly Mask

Ok, so we know Butterflies aren’t the usual choice for Halloween, but if you’re feeling more sweet rather than scary, this colourful DIY is the perfect choice!

  1. Superhero Mask 

Channel your inner superhero with this super easy craft. Mix and match colours to match your favourite superhero, or create your own.

Image credit: cutseycrafts.com

  1. Orange and Black Mask 

Orange and black is the ultimate Halloween colour combination, so this DIY mask with a touch of sparkle is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.

  1. Paper Bag Animal Masks 

Gather some colourful autumn leaves and leftover paper bags to spend an autumn afternoon making these cute woodland creature masks.

  1. Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask

For the ultimate fuss-free Halloween mask, you’ve got to give this  paper plate pumpkin mask a go! 

And don’t forget the  number one tried, tested (and traditional) Halloween craft – pumpkin carving! If you need a little help or inspiration take a look at these amazing creations.

We hope you’re feeling inspired by this list of Halloween crafts – happy crafting!