31 Spooktacular DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Adults

Halloween Craft Ideas For Adults

  1. Halloween Wreaths 

Give trick or treaters and visitors a warm welcome with a wicked wreath. You can stick with the scary theme, or recreate this colour pop pumpkin wreath.

Photo credit: Belina Fewings on Unsplash

  1. Potion Bottles 

These apothecary-style potion bottles will look great on a drinks tray at any Halloween party.

  1. Creepy Candles

Give some simple white candles a terrifying twist with dripping red wax!

Photo credit: sheknows.com

  1. Eyeball Ice Cubes

No one likes an unexpected surprise in their drink, which is what makes these gruesome ice cubes the perfect accompaniment at a Halloween gathering.

  1. Straw Holders

Kids and adults alike will love drinking ‘fake blood’ with these scary straw holders, an added bonus is that can write your guest’s names on them, helping everyone keep hold of their drinks.

  1. Mason Jar Lanterns

As the nights get darker, light up your home with these DIY Halloween mason jar lanterns.

  1. Broomstick Drink Stirrers

Stir up a treat this Halloween with these bewitching broomstick drink stirrers!

  1. Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders 

These topsy turvy candle holders will look great on your dinner table.

  1. Faux Taxidermy Bugs

There’s no denying that taxidermy can bring the scare factor, but the real thing isn’t for everyone. Channel the creepy vibe without any of the fuss by making your own faux taxidermy decoration using plastic bugs and some gold spray paint.

Image credit: thegatheredhome.com

  1. Upcycled Plastics Skulls

Plastic skulls can be found everywhere at Halloween, but you can spruce them up to produce something that looks far more expensive with a metallic spray paint and a few other DIY hacks!

Photo credit: Luke Southern on Unsplash

Halloween Craft Ideas to Sell 

If you’re a keen craftsperson looking to make a bit of extra income, Halloween is a great time to sell your creations, either online or at local craft fairs!

For more information about selling your crafts online, take a look at our dedicated blog on how to get started.

1.Halloween Badges 

Pin badges are a great way to add a splash of personality to any outfit. It’s easy to make your own Halloween pin badges using one of our starter packs. 

2.Halloween Jewellery 

The right piece of jewellery can add the finishing flourish to an outfit, and Halloween jewellery is a chance to try something new!

We’re head-over-heels for these chic spider’s web earrings

3. Boo-tiful Bunting

The upcycling revolution shows no signs of stopping, and this unique bunting made from upcycled book pages is bang on trend!

Photo credit: pinkglitterliving.com

4.Halloween Prints

A one-of-a-kind framed print is an instantly adds a pop of personality to any home or office, and we especially love these spooky quotes for Halloween.

Get inspired by these wicked watercolours or black and white quote prints.

5.Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Hand painted wine glasses with cheeky quotes are fun to make, and will definitely add a ‘wow factor’ to any drinks party.

6. No-sew Goodie Bags 

These no-sew goodie bags are perfect if you don’t have a sewing machine to hand! Once you’ve made them, you can fill them to the brim with party favours.

7.Halloween Soap

Scrub up squeaky clean this Halloween with these scary skull soaps!

8. Vintage Doily Art

There’s something about these framed lace doilies that add a moody yet sophisticated vibe to any room.

9.Bonkers Bath Bombs 

Making bath bombs can feel a bit like a chemistry experiment, and the result is a perfect party favour or gift.

10. Decorative Pillows 

Decorative pillows are a fabulous way to spruce up your sofa this Halloween! 

Even better, you don’t need to be a dab hand at sewing to get started, thanks to these easy DIY pillows.

Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Adults & Kids Alike!

These craft ideas are a great opportunity for you and the kids to work on a fun project together in time for Halloween – they’re super easy too!

1.Pom Pom Pumpkins

You can create your very own pumpkin pom poms  in a matter of minutes with just some brightly coloured wool and scissors.

Photo credit: handmadecharlotte.com

Once you’ve mastered the art of pom pom making, why not try making this funky Halloween themed pom pom garland.

  1. Lollipop Stick Puppets

Recycling is important, so use up any leftover lollipop sticks and make these Halloween stick puppets.

Kids will love the chance to put on their very own petrifying puppet show! 

  1. Pumpkin Carving 

Carving a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition, and it can be easy to master with the help of a simple stencil.

Photo credit: Berkir Donemez on Unsplash

  1. Menacing Mummy Pumpkins

Want something even easier or don’t have time to carve? Grab some cloth or tissue paper and wrap it round your pumpkins, and you’re good to go! Check out the tutorial.

  1. DIY Fake Blood

There’s no better finishing touch to your Halloween costume than a splash of fake blood! 

Did you know that you can create realistic fake blood with a couple of items you might already have in your cupboard? Take a look at a step-by-step guide to making your own here

  1. Scary Eyes 

Amp up the fright factor this Halloween with these ghoulish glowing eyes.

Photo credit: redtedart.com

7 .Pumpkin Mason Jars

These glittery pumpkin mason jars look will look perfect on your mantelpiece, and are also great for your hidden sweetie stash!

Photo credit: lifeisalullaby.comFreaky Flower Pots 

8. Freaky Flower Pots

A touch of paint can transform a humble flowerpot into the perfect haunted holder for sweet treats or anything else! 

9.Tin Can Ghosts 

If you’ve got some spare tin cans gathering dust in your cupboard, put them to good use and make these ghoulish decorations. You can even hang them outside and watch as they eerily blow in the wind!

10. Pumpkin Pinata

Not only is this paper mache pumpkin pinata simple to make, it’s also the perfect game to play with any party guests! 

11. Lace Spider’s Web

Spin your own spooky spider’s web in no time with this simple DIY decor.

Check out our other post on Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids for even more spooktacular ideas!

We hope you’re feeling inspired by this list of Halloween crafts. Happy crafting!