Badges and sports events

Badges are making a comeback in sport for the Olympic Games. Let’s take a look at the many possibilities that badges offer in the context of a sports club.

Badges as an alternative method for fundraising

If the primary goal of a sports club is not to make a profit, it needs to have funds to function. Especially after a crisis like the one we have just experienced,
Many sports clubs therefore rely on the generosity of donors and/or organise buffets, meals, cake sales or fairs.

But have you thought about selling badges as an alternative to fundraising?
A short maths lesson: you buy a batch of 500 badges at 250 £, i.e. 0.50 £ each, which you then resell at 2 £ each. You sell them all and for 1000 £. This makes a net profit of 750 £, a great way to to get funds for your sports club. Here is a link to our Fundraising pack which contains everything you need to create beautiful badges and fund your sports club.

Badges are perfect as rewards

Whether you want to reward high achievers or create something memorable for years to come, we’ve got you covered with badges. Playing youth sports teaches children a variety of skills. Children learn how to play as a team and follow the rules, but they also gain self-confidence. When a player performs well, it’s important to recognize that player to set an example for other team! Rewarding your team player for a job well done can be as simple as giving them the opportunity to receive a button badge. Perfect for motivation and reward, each badge makes every child or member of the club a star! Explore our Custom medals with ribbon pack and find an alternative way to reward participants!

Badges to promote your sports club

Badges are well known in companies where it is common to offer them to customers, prospective customers or partners. The objectives are multiple: to maintain a relationship, to improve one’s image, to promote your company.. But badges can also be very useful for sports club. Dare to use badges as a medium for your sports messages!

Badges as a way to be more professional.

Many sports clubs want to look professional and inspire confidence, and badges can help you do that. They are true ambassadors for your image.
Moreover, button badges are highly appreciated as gifts, and the people to whom they are given remember them. It is therefore an inexpensive communication tool that can be very effective for your sports club, and there are many opportunities to give them away…

Badges are incredibly easy to make

Did you know that with a badge machine, and without any technical knowledge, you can quickly create hundreds of button badges? Here are some sample designs we’ve made especially for you, using the free online tool