Spooktacular marketing for craft sales this Halloween

Spooktacular Marketing For Craft Sales This Halloween

We know what you’re thinking. Is it too early to start Halloween campaigns? But we’ll take a quick guess and say no, it’s not too early. Most people start getting ready for Halloween at the first sight of Autumn.

When the autumn breeze starts to blow, it means Halloween is just around the corner. It also means that consumers are getting ready to buy crafts, costumes, gadgets, decorations and, of course, pumpkins. For many people in the United States, this means going all-out for this unique day. But it’s not just  Americans who are into horror. Many other countries also celebrate Halloween in their own style. This old  celebration has also become a major event for arts and crafts businesses with an online and street presence.

We all know how important this time is for retailers, with Halloween marking the start of this great commercial season. Halloween is an obvious example, but many consumers start their Christmas shopping in October. A good  reason to start preparing well in advance in order to get a great turnover. But how do you actually do this? To help you out, we’re going to reveal some ideas in this article.

Define your objectives to better plan your marketing campaigns

Objectives give us a vision and let us move forward. They measure progress and allow us to learn and improve. To reach your full potential this Halloween, you need objectives. Without them, you might waste your marketing ideas.

Your goal is to increase your sales? That’s great! But how will you achieve it? One way to do this is to organise a special event. For example, what if you hosted a workshop on how to make keyrings with our kit ?

There are many ways you can punch up your marketing campaign. You could try to improve the virality of your content on social networks. Or you could do a collaboration with an influential website or blog. Whatever you do, your marketing strategy should be surprising and attention-grabbing. During this time of year, people’s attention will be divided among many other retailers. You need something that will really draw them in and compel them to take action.

Create products related with Halloween

Here are some ideas for Halloween-related product themes:

– Disguises and masks
– Face painting
– Home and table decorations,  keyrings
– Pumpkin carving
– Scary button badges
– Recipes / Menus
– Games for children
– Party entertainment
– Items like Halloween badges or keyrings, tricks and traps
– Sweets

Celebrate Halloween with a  special commercial animation

To prepare for Halloween, you can give customers the option to buy a package or discount from 2 items purchased. You can also highlight products related to Halloween such as badges,  sweets, costumes, and decorations.

Do you want to get into the Halloween spirit and give your workshop  a boost in business? Maybe you can create some new, scary accessories. Be sure to tell everyone on social media.

There are plenty of ideas for Halloween events that can bring you traffic in the weeks leading up to the. event

Communicating about Halloween

You can drive more traffic to your store by making sure you inform the public. Use social media to share about your offers, and send out an email campaign to your customer file if you have one. You could also distribute flyers in your community

Encourage people who bought from you during Halloween to also do their Christmas shopping from you. Use the Halloween period to draw attention to all the promotions you have during Christmas. Why not offer your Halloween customers a small voucher for Christmas?

A temporary and a scary discount

If you are running an event, promote the products that are related to the theme. Ideas might be autumn leaves , Halloween, or cold weather. You can also offer spooky discounts on items that are only available for a set period of time.

Create a pumpkin pop-up

If you want to have something special on your site for that special day, such as a Halloween discount code, try using a pop-up with a pumpkin image. It’ll leave a lasting impression and it’s original.

Partner up with a local business

There is strength in numbers! If you’re doing a workshop for Halloween, why not partner up with a business that you like? For example, you could  partner up with a café in your neighbourhood.

Use Halloween to get leads

In the email campaigns, take advantage of this opportunity and offer customers a discount. With these valuable leads, your project will be successful in the future.

Update your visuals

It’s time to update your shop’s visuals for Halloween! Make sure that your customers know when you offer promotions by updating your visuals. Remember to also update your images on social media.