Crafty Christmas Delights: 8 DIY Christmas Decorations For 2023

The Holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to transform our homes into winter wonderlands filled with the joy and spirit of Christmas. While traditional decorations like ornaments, lights, wreaths have their own charm, why not add a unique and more personalised touch to your holiday décor this year? Enter the world of badges, magnets, keyrings and much more! We can help to give you an innovative way of decorating your home whilst keeping the warmth and magic of Christmas with our Christmas Machine pack. In this blog, we’ll explore the versatility of our components as Christmas decorations and offer endless possibilities to make your Christmas memorable.


Badges are hidden treasures.

Badges have been around for a long time, serving various purposes from political statements to recognising achievements. However, we sometimes overlook their decorative potential. Our badges range from 25mm – 77mm which give you a fantastic option for unique Christmas decorations. Lets have a look into this further.

1. Advent calendars

Advent calendars have been around for a long time, and they can still be enjoyed by all ages. Many people like to create their twist on advent calendars instead of just buying one from a store. Badges can be created with our Mirco badge machine which is simple and easy to use. Simply attach the badge to a beautiful string or ribbon and place on a calendar door numbered 1-25. Each day leading up to Christmas, remove a badge to reveal your surprise. This creative twist on a traditional advent calendar will make the countdown to Christmas more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

2. Gift tags

I don’t know about any of you, but when it comes to Christmas and buying gift tags, one thing I hate is having to tie up this piece of string through the hole in the paper, especially if it is glittery string. Instead of doing this, give your gift tags an extra touch of Christmas cheer by using personalised badges as unique gift tags. Simply attach a badge with your family member’s name, a festive message or even an image and attach it onto your gift. Your gift then becomes very personal to your family member.

3. Window Wonderland – Suction Hooks

Suction hooks are a clever innovation that take badge decorations to the next level. They can be stuck on windows, glass surfaces and even mirrors. Turn your windows into breathtaking display of Christmas magic. These types of badges are designed to adhere to glass surfaces, making them perfect for creating scenes of snowflakes, reindeers and more.

4. Fridge Mania – Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a delightful twist to your Christmas decorations. These magnetic badges are not only functional but also visually appealing to bring colourful displays to your kitchen to create that Christmas feeling. If you tend to get a lot of Christmas cards every year and like to have them all up then fridge magnets are great for this, or for keeping those precious family photos for everyone to see.

5. Deck the halls with pinned badges!

Transform your Christmas tree into a memory lane by using pinned badges as ornaments. From the badge that you got when you finally conquered your fear of heights to graduating from university, these badges represent your family’s unique interests, memories, and milestones. Keyrings personalised keyrings can also be made in the same way and hung on the tree. With the keyrings, you can still take them with you on your car keys once you take your Christmas tree down.

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6. Wreaths with a twist

Add a twist to your traditional wreaths by incorporating your pinned badges onto them. You can craft your wreath from evergreen branches and then use the badges to decorate it. In my opinion, it always feels very Christmasy having a wreath either hung on the front of your door or over a fireplace. You never know, you might even become the local neighbourhood trendsetter!

7. Bottle Openers with a personal flair

When it comes to Christmas, everyone loves a party! Spice them up with personalised bottle openers for everyone (excluding children). They can be used at work Christmas parties and created with a personal touch to each employee. They can also be a conversation starter and a unique addition t the home bar. Whether its beer themed for mums and dads out there, or holiday inspired designs, these bottle openers are both functional and decorative.

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8. Stocking Stuffers

Keyrings can be used for small stocking stuffers. Create them with small sentimental ideas that they can take around with them and won’t forget their keys. Keyrings can also be used for outside décor. They can glisten in the sunlight during the day and a touch of magic to your outdoor holiday display.

We’ve explored some of the wonderful possibilities of badges, keyrings and fridge magnets and how the versatility of them can bring our festivities to life in a funky way using Our Christmas Pack Machine. From adding badges to Christmas trees, crafting unique keyring gifts, turning the fridge into a wonderland of precious messages from loved ones. In the ever-evolving landscape of Christmas decorations, these unconventional choices offer a refreshing departure from traditional and making it more modern.

They allow us to get creative and bring the family closer together using our badge machines to make them. It also creates moments that you can treasure forever. After all, Christmas it about spending time with your loved ones (also eating lots of food) and cherishing it.

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Cheers to a joyous and memorable Festive season!