Ultimate Guide For Halloween 2023!

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Halloween Returns

Its finally time for the Halloween season to begin! What best to kick off with some Halloween advise.

Halloween is a worldwide event that appeals to many, especially children… remember this for later.

Much of the ecommerce world will jump on Halloween for “spooky promotions” along with a variety of other marketing ploys. We are here to help you decide whether you need to jump on the bandwagon. As you can see, we have hopped on this season with our friend Garry the Ghost, who keeps trying to steal our spooky badges! He is currently stealing our badge from the Haunted Halloween pack.

As last year was heavily hit by the pandemic, expect a large rise in sales. Having been hampered over the past couple of years people will be waiting to get back on the spooky train, whether that be a party with friends or something as simple as trick or treating. There’s a place for everyone in the world of Halloween!

What does this mean to sellers? A very promising period is ahead, pouncing on missed opportunities from the past couple of years people will be returning to normal this year. Use this return to normality as an opportunity to promote, especially with the power of social media.

Social Media

Everyone knows social media is a powerful source of marketing and distribution. A simple hashtag can reach thousands, if not millions of users.

As of 03/10/2022 – #halloween has over 109 million posts

Other related topics have millions of posts, proving the mass audience that could be attracted with simple Halloween themed designs. Should that be with make-up or through badges. 

If your company is heavily ecommerce based, then news is looking good for you. “In total 34% of Halloween purchases were made through ecommerce websites” – wedevs.com

This year, unlike any other is the first year TikTok will be at the forefront of Halloween due to it’s uprising occurring during covid-19. There will be plenty of filters and trends up and coming, the best advice I can give is simply to remain up to date with trends. Ask your children if there’s any specific video that is going viral and jump on that trend while incorporating your business.

Social Media

Social Media

Remember Me?

Earlier in this post I told you to remember something. The benefits of children loving Halloween means they may want to throw parties with their friends and what’s better than spooky badges?

Exactly nothing, aside from the constant horror films and popcorn!

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What you can do this Halloween

We have spoken about the importance of its return and what to expect but what can you do to pounce on this opportunity.

For all those crafty individuals, its the perfect time for you! You can be the influence that makes or breaks a great Halloween party. Perfect time to boost revenue with your current customers.

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Post your scariest badge online and tag ebadges!