Easy Easter Crafts

As the kids get a few weeks off school over Easter, it can be hard to come up with new ideas to keep them entertained over the holiday, especially if you’re stuck inside because of bad weather.

Here’s a few inexpensive, fun and easy Easter crafts, which are a great way to spend some time together. Take a break from all that chocolate and try out some of these crafts today!

Decorating Eggs

What better time to indulge your creative side and dye and decorate eggs than over Easter!

The method to dye an egg is really simple: simply make a hard-boiled egg, and fill a bowl with enough warm water to cover the egg. Add about a teaspoon of your choice of food colouring and a tablespoon of vinegar. Dunk the cooled egg in and leave it to soak for several minutes – the longer you leave it, the darker the colour will be.

Lighter eggs show off the dye more vividly – have fun experimenting to find the perfect colours.easter eggs

Whether drawing faces or flowers, the only limit when it comes to decorating your Easter eggs is your imagination.

Perhaps try wrapping rubber bands randomly round the egg before dunking in the dye to produce interesting patterns.

Once they’re done, you could even put them to good use in an Easter egg hunt!


Easter Bonnet

The custom of wearing an Easter bonnet originated from people traditionally wearing new clothes at Easter. Although it’s not really practised these days, getting the kids to decorate an Easter-themed bonnet is a great way to spend an afternoon.

A plain wicker bonnet and accompanying Easter-themed craft material can be picked up for just a few pounds – then it’s up to you to adorn it with Springtime decorations! We’re thinking things like chicks, bunnies, flowers and eggs!


Easter Bunny Ears

Make the Easter egg hunt that bit more fun and get some Easter bunny fancy dress involved!

If you don’t have many materials to hand, you can still get crafting and make some Easter bunny ears at home using a headband.

By cutting out the shapes of bunny ears on card, decorating them, folding them around the hairband and gluing them in place, you’ve got a quick, easy and creative costume!


Easter Wreaths

Not just for Christmas, wreaths are a fantastic Spring-time decoration too.easter wreath

Some wreaths require a few more materials and would be better for older children – you could use your pre-made decorated eggs in this one!

Others, however, won’t cost you much at all as they can be made with household items. A toilet roll Easter egg wreath would be great for younger kids.


Easter Badge Making

Badge making is a fantastic crafting activity, and it’s great fun for kids and adults alike.

Easter’s a great time to make your own unique items. With lots of variations on how you could print cute Easter bunnies or Easter eggs, or a simple ‘Happy Easter’ message, items like badges and mirrors make great keepsakes. Our badge making kits would be great for a school’s Easter fete, too!


These are just a few of our quick and easy Easter crafts – have you get any favourites? Let us know!