How to make a customised fridge magnet – DIY – Tuto

Fridge magnets are a great addition to any refrigerator. Whether a magnet with a funny phrase, a souvenir from your last holidays or a picture of your favourite pet, magnets are everywhere.

In this article, you will learn how to make a fridge magnet with a badge machine.

Recently, I was talking to a cousin about these big family holidays we used to take when we were kids. Our parents always made sure that we each had a few dollars to spend on a souvenir. My favourite souvenir from those childhood trips is a fridge magnet bought in a Biarritz store.

Today, fridge magnets have become popular and are much more than just souvenirs. Brides-to-be are mailing them out as invitations to their big day. Companies use them for their promotions. Parents and grandparents love to have children and grandchildren as fridge magnets. Not to mention animal lovers: they also want pictures of their faithful companion.

Easily make fridge magnets in just 3 steps:

First, place the shell, design and mylar round in the badge machine’s die and rotate them under the top die. Pull the handle all the way down and release it. Next, place the badge back into the crimping die and rotate it under the top die. Pull the handle all the way down and release it. Finally, remove the finished badge and apply the self-adhesive magnet to the back. It’s as simple as that – your magnet is ready!

You can also watch this video to learn how to make a magnet:

Here is a video explaining how to make a magnet with an Ebadges badge machine. In this video we use a Micro machine, but the process is the same with any other Ebadges machine.

Text of the video: To make a magnet, start by placing the metal face in the first die. The metal edge should fit easily into the groove of the die. Then place your design/illustration on top, face up, then place a plastic ring on top of your design.

It is important to use only one part to prevent the machine from jamming. Move the grey ring on the first die and turn the centre punch over, so that it looks like a top hat.

Rotate the dies so that the first die is placed directly under the handle and pull down firmly. If you are using a 45 or 58 mm machine, make sure there is a spacer in the second die. Then place the magnet back into the die with the magnet facing down.

Move the grey ring and top hat to the second die, then turn the top hat upside down so that it fits into the grey ring. Turn the dies again so that the second die is placed directly under the handle, and pull down firmly. You can see that the top hat has to be pushed all the way over the die, to make sure the magnet is properly made.

Lift up the grey ring, and the top hat, and your magnet is done.