How to make customised key chains

The use of key rings is not limited to car or house keys. A key ring can also reflect the style, values of a company, or the personality of the person using it. Customised key rings are a great way to advertise or promote a company, an association, or as a commercial item in your shop, on your website, or on Etsy…

Inexpensive customised key rings

Actually, nothing looks more like a set of keys than another set of keys. What sets them apart is the unique design of the key ring. So why not design your own personalised, unique and timeless key ring? You can create a specific design by integrating a photo of a loved one or pet, your company logo, or an inspirational design with a strong message. This will make a unique gift for your friends and family or for your customers. Be present in their minds when they use it, when they open the door of their car or their home or when they go to the office. Personalise your company’s key rings with your logo and slogan and give them to your customers at marketing events or trade shows to help promoting your brand. The possibilities are endless.

Machines for manufacturing customised key rings

A badge machine is required to press all the parts of the key ring, and to personalise them.
With our badge presses you will only need to buy the mould, die and consumables to produce the key ring you want to customise. This enables you to quickly produce series with a unique and attractive design.
We provide various machines suitable for the production of customised key rings :

You can watch a video that explains the process of making a customised key ring here :

In addition to our personalised key rings, the Ebadges machines can manufacture and customise many other promotional products, from pocket mirrors to bottle openers and badges. All you will have to do is buy the mould, die and consumables for the product you want to customise.

Where to get supplies to make your customised key rings

Ebadges provides user-friendly equipment and at an affordable price. Our high quality keychain supplies are sold as complete sets: mylar round, shell and back , including all the accessories required for assembly. If you are unsure which type of key ring is right for your needs, buy one of our packs and try the different options available. We sell complete sets of key rings in various packs of various sizes:

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