How to start a home based button badge business

A button badge is a simple yet highly effective way to communicate your brand message. It’s low cost, easy to create and, above all, highly memorable!

Are you looking for a way to make extra cash? Why not start a home based button badge business. It’s relatively easy to open your own home based business. For a lot of people, buttons are just a pretty bauble to wear on their clothes or hang on their cell phones. But for others, buttons are more than just decorative accessories. They’re an opportunity to make money! The most important thing to remember when starting a new badge business is that it can be done with very little capital.  You just have to be creative in finding your own solutions. This article will show you how to create your own button badge design business from the ground up.

Starting a button badge  business today is easier than it’s ever been. With the Internet, nearly any badge  business is now possible, thanks to resources like print-on-demand and easy shipping. Printing badges  for customers is easier and more affordable than ever.

  1. Design great button badges

It’s tough to come up with the perfect design without knowing in advance what will resonate with your customers. You need to test different designs before you finalize a badge. Further, you need to ensure that you don’t use copyrighted or trademarked material – an international symbol for print and content – on your badge.

While a design might look okay on your computer, it might not show up well on a button badge. You might want to consider hiring a graphic designer, or using online tools such as to create custom graphics.

  1. Test your design

Before investing time or money, conduct market research on the designs you will use for your button badges. Conducting market research prior to spending money is a key step in the design process. The right customer segments can help you determine if your designs will resonate, which in turn can help you determine their prices.

There are many ways to check the viability of a badge design. Just take a picture of the design and share it on social media. The feedback you receive can help you find any areas that need improvement or need to be changed. Just create some samples of badges and share their pictures so that other people can give their opinion about your designs.

You can also test your badge design by wearing it yourself. Your friends and people in your social circles will be able to give you valuable feedback.

  1. Write a business plan for your badge business

Although selling button badges sounds like a straightforward project, like all businesses, without a plan, you’ll lose time and money. Your business plan should outline just how you’re going to sell your product.

  1. Find a great business name.

You can create button badges within minutes, but as a salesperson, you should establish a business. When you begin your business, you absolutely must brand yourself as a name that reflects what you sell. Your button badge brand name should not limit your ability to develop additional products; however, it should convey a first impression.

There are really useful tools such as Namelix to find a great business name. Namelix uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brandable business name. Search for domain availability, and instantly generate a logo for your next business,

  1. Make your business legal.

In order to be legally compliant with tax and record-keeping codes, it is important to determine your business structure (i.e. sole proprietor or LLC). You’ll also need to register your business name, find out about sales tax rates , and select and obtain the required licenses and permits from your local city or local  business office.

  1. Protect your logo and brand

You need copyright protection to protect your business. Your company image should be protected by trademark, as well as copyrights. This way, you can legally stop others from profiting off your designs, logos and catchphrases.

  1. Price your badges, magnets, keyrings and mirrors

Your profitability depends on the prices of your badges. You should make a comparison of prices online and in local shops.  You can choose from many different badge creation options, such as size, super safe back, magnet…

  1. Select a badge press and components

We offer a wide variety of button-making machines to select from. This allows you to choose from a large variety of button styles and sizes, so you can be more efficient in your design process. We carry every type of button maker for every purpose. We have everything you need to make badge buttons in Ebadges online store.

  1. Market your badges, magnets, personalized mirrors, keyrings

There are many ways to market your new badge, but they all start with knowing the best buyer for your button  (age, gender, etc), where you can find him/her, and putting your button badges  in front of them. Marketing ideas include Facebook or other PPC advertising, craft shows or bazaars, Etsy, and your ecommerce site. Today it’s fairly easy to launch an ecommerce website, with platforms such as Big Commerce or Shopify.