How to use a circle cutter

Producing a precision circle for your button artwork has never been easier than with the
assistance of a circle cutter. Each of our circle cutters can be adjusted to cut different sized circles to be used with our different sized badge makers, and includes a perspex cutting board to protect to protect tabletops. It’s the perfect instrument to help with button production.

How to cut a perfect circle

A circle cutter is a handheld tool that is used to cut out circles from paper. The circle cutter has a circular cutting blade that is mounted on a handle. To use the circle cutter, you simply place the cutting blade on the paper and rotate the handle to cut a circle.

The first circle cutter was invented in 1872 by John V. Nunn, a tinsmith from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The cutter was made of steel and had a wooden handle. It was designed to cut circles out of tinplate. The cutter had a lever that could be adjusted to change the size of the circle being cut. Over time, the design of the circle cutter has changed very little. The main change has been the addition of a safety guard to prevent the operator’s fingers from being cut.

Today, circle cutters are made of different materials, such as plastic and stainless steel. They are used to cut circles out of a variety of materials, such as paper, cloth, metal, and plastic. To use a circle cutter, the operator places the material to be cut on the cutter’s base plate. The operator then adjusts the lever to the desired size and tightens the knobs to secure the material. The operator then uses the cutter’s handle to rotate the cutting blade around the material, resulting in a perfect circle.

Circle cutters come in a variety of sizes. The size of the cutter will determine the size of the circle that can be cut. For example, a small handheld circle cutter can only cut small circles, while a large floor-mounted circle cutter can cut much larger circles.

Circle die cutters are another option for cutting circles out of paper. Circle die cutters are similar to circle templates, but they have a die that is used to cut the paper. Circle die cutters are often used to cut circles out of cardstock or other thicker papers. But you cannot adjust them to different sizes. Here’s an instructional video that we made to help you cut out your artwork with an ebadges circle cutter.

Our circle cutters are extremely easy and effective to use. Just place the board provided onto a flat surface with the paper on top, use the metal plate, to line up the cutter with your image. Hold the cutter. Press down on the ball handle and rotate. Please be aware that the blade is very sharp, so adult supervision is recommended.

Where to buy adjustable cutters

Both the orange and blue circle cutters work in exactly the same way – the only difference is the colour of the frame.

Cicle Cutter Orange

Blue Circle Cutter