The DIY trends of Christmas 2021 according to Etsy

DIY Trends 2021 Etsy

With the end of year season fast-approaching, it’s essential for all craftmakers to have their marketing plans in order. How could you sell more crafts this Christmas?

Etsy published a few weeks ago its Market Place Insights: Etsy Christmas 2021 Trends. It’s a timely reminder that Christmas shopping really does start early – especially this year! This report is based on data and in-depth analysis and will give you valuable insight into the best trends in order to sell more.
Here are the most important findings to help you get the most from the upcoming holiday selling season, for those who make things by hand.

Items with meaning

Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson has a pretty clear prediction for the 2021 Christmas season: which ismeaning.”
Her prediction is that shoppers want to celebrate this Christmas with intention. Dayna says, “People will be looking for ways to make traditions shine bright this year, because we know it’s more important than ever to treasure each connection.”
In this new era, people want the Christmas season to be meaningful. For that reason, shoppers are looking for items that will help them find meaning.

Chess board prints

If you were as captivated by the series The Queen’s Gambit as we were, then you’re going to be just as excited about this trend.  Chess board prints have been trending ever since the release and it doesn’t seem that they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. From fashion and decor to gift wrap, or button badges; the versatile graphic print has popped up everywhere.

Natural influences

A trend we’re seeing this Christmas is natural influences. From dried floral wreaths (68% increase) to wooden holiday items (30%), and even mushroom decor (366% increase), nature is a big design theme this season. Other natural decoration includes coastal elements like seashells and mountainscape motifs.

Off-the-grid gatherings

The world is drowning in screens. But what if we could escape and do practical activities like going outside or playing board games? Etsy has seen that customers are looking for ways to get away from screens. The DIY craze has 1,056% increased,  draughts and chess boards have increased 131%, outdoor blankets have gone up 68%, baking holiday items have increased 28% and playing cards have gone up 21%.

Focus on these traditional Etsy Christmas trends

Below is a short list of some of Etsy’s past Christmas season bestsellers:
Puzzles, especially children’s name puzzles
Custom and personalised portraits
Personalised name signs
Wall art (such as pin maps, macrame hangings, or signs with sayings)
Personalised name necklaces
Small accessories – keyrings, fridge magnets  etc
Additionally, many niche gifts are a great way to use keywords in your Etsy product descriptions and tags. And they’re a perfect choice for hashtags on Instagram. It’s easy to forget that opting to include relevant, popular keywords will increase your searchability.

Christmas at home

Christmas at home is going to be a major trend this year as people want to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy a more intimate celebration. They will focus on creating a cosy environment for this occasion, with plenty of festive decor, activities, and entertaining items. If you’re looking for gifts for hosts of these gatherings, look specifically for items such as personalized button badges to remember this special occasion, fabric napkins and tablecloths, ceramics and glassware, or even candles.
People will think of this holiday season as an opportunity to bring the outside in. Natural items such as branches, dried foliage, grains, and fruit, can be used to achieve a rustic, fresh-from-the-field look that is perfect for Christmas décor.