Turn your hobby into a source of income!

The possibility of turning a hobby into a source of income can become a reality with Ebadges. If you are very creative, you can use it to your advantage by creating products that are both personalised and unique. This will give them added value and they will certainly be highly appreciated by your future customers.

There are machines that can help you make the most of your creative skills, which you have so far only used as a hobby. Earning extra income by doing something you love is a very good option. At Ebadges, we provide the badge machines presented below, which will enable you to market your personalised products on a larger scale.

One of the recommended easy options to turn your hobby into a business are badge making machines. With our badge press, you can also make magnets, key rings, medals, bottle openers… and thus multiply your sources of income.

Badge personalisation machines can help boost your creativity…and your income.

You can choose from several sizes and models of badges, key rings, medals… From badges with a diameter of 25 millimetres to larger badges, there are many options to suit all your projects. You can also produce badges with a magnet for clothing…

An interesting aspect of these badge machines is that they give you high quality products and the possibility to work with other materials such as fabric, for unique results transforming your creations into real fashion accessories. Your creativity will have no limits!

The most powerful machines produce up to 480 badges per hour, so you can make good profits!

Our circle cutters also are machines that will help you get the most out of your hobby. You will need a circle cutter to get a quality finish for your badges. It will cut your designs efficiently, so you won’t waste time!

At Ebadges you can find different models of badge making machines to meet all your needs. In addition, you will have a wide variety of dies and parts needed to turn your hobby into a professional activity. You will enjoy your favourite activity and also earn extra income.

You will also need components to make the badges, key rings, magnets, etc. that are the fruit of your creativity. For this, you can count on the wide range of consumables offered by Ebadges. A wide variety of badge sizes and components are available.
With our badge machines, you will be able to take your hobby to another dimension and make the most of your creativity. What are you waiting for?

Contact us now and discover all the possibilities we offer. Turn your hobby into a source of income that will also showcase your creative talents. Make the most of your possibilities with the products that you will find at Ebadges, which you can also purchase as handy ready-to-use kits.