Badges are fab, fun and furiously fast fundraisers

One young entrepreneur, Megan, tells her badgemaking story

My name is Megan (aged 8) and I have two younger sisters. I live in Yorkshire with my cats, my parents and my sisters. When my little sister Eliza was one year old she got cancer of her eyes (retinoblastoma). When Eliza was diagnosed I felt confused, because I didn’t understand a lot about it. Now I know that she has had medicine called chemotherapy and is getting better.

I wanted to help Eliza so I chose to fundraise for CHECT (The Childhoold Eye Cancer Trust). I decided to make badges with badgers on to make people laugh and hopefully to buy one.

At first I wanted to make 200 badges so I could raise £200 for CHECT so I wrote to Andrew at Enterprise Products to see if he could help. Enterprise Products made up 200 badges and we used these all up at my school by doing a non-uniform day in exchange for a badge. I sold out and asked for more.

I think selling badges is a good idea as anyone can wear them. I really enjoyed buying other people’s badges so I guess that inspired me to make my own. I have now raised over £500 for CHECT.

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