Details that make the difference for the perfect wedding

Details That Make The Difference For The Perfect Wedding

You’ve just got engaged! Congratulations! But before you start thinking about places, invitations, dresses, and guest lists, take a deep breath. It’s time to just enjoy being engaged. When you are ready to dive into wedding planning, here are some helpful starting points.

Set your budget

Before a wedding can even be planned, the couple must figure out who is paying for what and determine the bottom line. From there, they can break down the budget and allocate funds accordingly. Before you start, make sure to do some market research. This will help you on your journey of planning for your wedding. Keep track of your expenses in a detailed spreadsheet, which will make it easier to adjust your numbers along the way.

Set your wedding date

Deciding on a day for your wedding is very important. You might want to pick a date that’s sentimental to you — like the day of your first date or the day you got engaged. Or maybe you want to get married within six months. Make sure you talk to your family about conflicts before  booking  any exact days.

Sending “Save the Date” cards or notes as soon as you decide on a date has become popular to ensure people closest to you can put it in their diaries.  Instead of sending a card how about making a bespoke “Save the Date” fridge magnet .  This will sit on their fridge and remind them about your big day every time they make a cup of tea! With summer and early autumn  being the most popular months for weddings, you’ll want to plan ahead and find the best venues. Or be flexible on your date choice.

Make a guest list

Inviting too many people can be costly and difficult to manage in some spaces. To prevent this, set a limit on the invites you offer and consider your budget and venue before setting that number.

Choose a place

You’ve got your budget, your guest count, and a few possible wedding dates in mind. Now you’re ready to book a venue. This is one of the most important parts. Read online reviews and visit venues in person before choosing the one that’s the perfect match for you and your partner. Once you’ve signed the dotted line on your venue contract, you’ve officially set a date. But the real fun begins after you’ve signed!

Create a wedding website

You could address all your guests’ needs by setting up a wedding website. You want to include all the important information, such as date, location, travel information, room details, and more. It’s also time to set up your wedding hashtag on social media when you create your website.

Plan the Honeymoon

Planning your wedding is a lot of work, but don’t forget about your honeymoon! If you want to jet off on it shortly after getting married, start planning. It’s time to pick where you’re going, book travel and accommodations, and make an itinerary.

Hire a wedding planner

It’s important to have someone on your side during the wedding planning process who can give you their unbiased opinion. Which is why it’s good to hire a professional coordinator if you can afford it. They will be your right-hand woman or man and help you with everything from venue selection to budget tracking. If you’re tired of running around and want to show up on your wedding day with all the details taken care of, a planner is the perfect person to help. Alternatively most wedding venues have a wedding planner as part of their team who will help and advise you.

Define your style

You may have already chosen the place, but you still have to consider the décor of your venue and pick colours that speak to you. Recurring themes are often helpful in narrowing down your options. If you’re stuck on details, think about how you want your wedding to feel instead of obsessing over what it looks like. When you decide on a theme, it will be much easier to decide on all of the other details for the event, such as the flowers, the cake, or the dress. You can also choose particular details for your guests, and print personalized items such as button badges , personalized mirrors, or even fridge magnets (great souvenirs of the big date), that you will be able to personalize with a badge machine.  Instead of table name cards how about putting a keyring with the name of the person in their place.  Killing two birds with one stone you have a place setting and a wedding favour that the guest will love and be able to make use of afterwards. If you are looking fro some wedding favours to add to the table arrangements, then our Wedding Pack may be just right for your occasion.

Hire  companies who book up quickly

When planning a wedding, it’s important to consider the people and professions behind the event. Photographers, bands, and DJs will make the night exciting and memorable. These professionals are often more than just hired hands—they can contribute to your wedding in countless ways. Start by doing research and asking all the right questions. Then, get to know the professionals on a personal level so you feel comfortable on your wedding day.

Select the caterer

Planning a big event is exciting but can come with stress. A major concern for those hosting a wedding is how to feed your guests. One solution is to hire someone you trust to deliver food, whether it’s the venue’s in-house caterer ora preferred caterer recommended by your planner. Do you have a preferred vendor list? Choosing someone who is on the list will ensure that you won’t have to pay extra money, and it should be easier for you if you are familiar with the venue.

Block rooms for guests

It’s thoughtful to block out rooms (and secure a discounted nightly rate!) well before the wedding.

Wedding invitations

Your guest’s first impression of your wedding day starts with this one moment of anticipation, which is why you want to put your best foot forward. Customized invitations are more elaborate and unique, plus they get more attention from your guests. y being original with the wedding invitations. What if you sent a personalized keyring with the invitation?

At Ebadges, we offer button badge machines to make small, yet awesome  items that will make the event really special:  personalized badges, personalized mirrors, and fridge magnets or button badges.