How to host a remote Halloween party on Zoom, Hangout…

So you want to throw a Halloween party, but the year 2020 has ruined all your grim dreams.  Don’t worry, we have a few suggestions for the scariest Halloween party ever!

Over the last few months, with the online courses and birthday parties on Zoom, we have learned how to get together virtually. Hosting a virtual Halloween party is a great way to put these skills to good use for a festive event in the safety of your home.

Choosing a virtual meeting platform

Whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, we all have a favourite video chat application. Decide which one best suits your event and start making your guest list! You need to start planning your virtual party as early as possible so your guests can prepare themselves.

Send invitations

Of course, you could simply choose the simplest solution and create an invitation on Facebook, or Whatsapp, but with the social distance that is pushing so many of our activities towards digital at the moment, why not send real paper invitations?  Is there a greater joy than receiving something unexpected in your mailbox at this point in time?  You can make your own invitations with tools such as, and send a more original invitation to your friends: a personalised badge by mail, as invitation.

Organise a best costume contest

Halloween isn’t really Halloween without costumes, hence the importance of a contest.  Make this contest a great event.  Encourage your guests to put themselves in the shoes of their character, take a walk on the dancefloor and put themselves in the picture.  Organise a jury or let everyone judge each other’s creations.

Escape room Halloween

Try to create your own virtual escape room! The first thing to do is pick a challenge. An online search will give you many results, but here are a few to get you started:

How to host a virtual escape room

11 ideas of virtual escape rooms

Once you have chosen a challenge (or several challenges, if the party is for older children), divide the guests into groups or partners, set a time limit and see which team can solve the plot the fastest. The easiest way to do this is to ask the teams to go to the meeting rooms and return to the main room once the puzzle has been solved. First team back, WINS!

Frightening creations

Get busy. Add doe eyes, plastic spiders or black paint to your drool recipe, try monster bath bombs or adorable paper pumpkins : the options are endless! One of our favorites is to turn cheap plastic dolls into ZOMBIES! Paint, scissors and hot glue guns can do serious damage to a pretty doll or figurine, turning it into a horrible zombie.

Frightening scientific experiments

Become a bunch of crazy scientists! Create pumpkin oobleck or mix baking soda and vinegar for a burst of fun. Warning: keep watching! You will find ideas on the web.

Virtual Dance Session

Create a scary song list on spotify. With this playlist that you can all listen to, dance all together – remotely! Get some of that scary energy flowing and move your body!

Pumpkin carvings

You’ve brought together budding artists? Organise a sculpture contest: you can ask the participants to make them before the party. In any case, they will be motivated to show their creations to their friends.

Gory games

There are so many options! Charades, video games, card games, or online games, such as Minecraft. Customise the game you play to make your own version. You can also consult this post

Scary Cookie Contest

You can encourage guests to prepare their own creations before the party, like for the best costume contest.  Afterwards, guests can display them for everyone to vote for the scariest treats!

Halloween movies

End the party with a scary show. You can have your own broadcast with Netflix Party, which will synchronise the movie for all viewers. You even have a chat function, and if one person needs to take a break, they’ll do it for everyone, so you can all stay at the same pace. You choose the movie: Slightly scary or totally gory, you and your guests are in it together!